• wooden

    Design of the wooden porch

    Functional dominant of the facade – wooden porch – must be effective, durable and comfortable. Finishing and decorative elements will help you create an original construction. Materials for the ladder It is recommendable to choose the material taking into account the architectural and compositional solution of the building exterior – roof, facade, windows and walls. Design-project can be ordered even by several photos from different angles. Wooden porch can be combined (concrete/stone as a base and wood as a decoration). Such construction will not only serve for decades, but also please your eyes with a luxury of natural wood. You can choose from the following materials: Wood. Pre-processed hardwoods (impregnation,…

  • ladders for home use india

    The right choice of ladders for home

    If you need to hang curtains, hammer a nail or you have decided to do some renovations, the first thing that you notice is that the ceilings in your apartment are quite high. Some people use the old method and hoist a few stools at each other. However, it is not necessary to risk your health and become a regular visitor of traumatology. There is a better way out of this situation –  to draw attention to the products of Ufuk, Alumet, Step Ladders or Nika. In a nutshell, you should choose a right ladder. And if you don’t want to get lost in the diversity, presented in modern stores,…

  • Spiral staircases

    Spiral staircases: ergonomics in action

    The small size of the standard apartments requires original compositional solutions. Ready spiral staircases stand out ergonomics and help to organize a functional workspace. Advantages of ready spiral staircases Distinct advantage – a spectacular appearance is not the only plus designs. Extras include ergonomics, as the majority of the elements of the leaf falls not on the floor, but on the area around the central post. A relatively small number of materials for self-assembly and fasteners compared to the standard ladders also allows you to cut costs. Easy installation and replacement of elements makes installation and repairs fast and cheap. Additional accessories for ladders – rubber pads on the stage,…