• Folding ladder construction
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    Attic ladders: types and design features

    Most private houses have the attic. For some people this is just additional storage space, for others – high-grade premises. In any case, the owners of attic can’t do without separate staircases leading upstairs. It is necessary to study all types of attic stairs and their principle of action to opt for a specific model.     Types of attic stairs The type of ladder is chosen, guided by the frequency of its use. Marching ladders If the attic is frequently visited place in the house where there are small children or the elderly, you should install a fixed ladder with handrails. If you want to save space, you should…

  • Spiral staircases

    Spiral staircase

    Spiral staircases deservedly attract the attention of private landlords. This beautiful design will give any home the solidity and attractiveness. The technology of manufacture of spiral stairs is quite simple. Taking into account the availability of various building materials to make a ladder, anyone, who has some knowledge in joinery, can master it. The only subject of difficulty in creating this original element of the interior is determining the correct size of the spiral staircase in the production of drawings. In this article we will explain how to calculate a spiral staircase for your home in a quick and practical way. The main parameters of the ladders: counting steps One…