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    What does the perfect staircase look like?

    Staircase is a face of every house. As they said in the old days, “one judges the house owner and his wealth by the porch”. Modern building market is filled with design and decoration solutions. However, if you want that your staircase serves you for decades, you should follow clear instructions and comply with technical standards of GOST. So, what steps for the stairs are better? What types of stairs are there? Depending on the material used for mounting the structure, the stairs are divided into the following types: concrete; wooden; metal. These types are characterized by their cost, way of finishing and practicality. Even though different technologies are used…

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    Ash staircase is made will make your house warm

    When you build your own country house or buy a bunk apartment, it is important to think about one key element of the interior — staircase design. A particularly important choice is the selection of material for the product. The first position of popularity is taken by wood. Wooden ladders from ash-tree are an optimum combination of high quality level, simplicity in leaving and low cost of a product. The best choice for stair design Considering both physical and aesthetic qualities of an ash staircase, it is possible to distinguish a special similarity of this wood with oak. In the photo, it is almost impossible to distinguish between the textures…

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    Your favorite wooden staircase

    Staircase marches made of wood – the best choice for installation in a city apartment or a public institution. The strength and elegance of the design make the wooden cloths a versatile and harmonious addition to any room. A warm texture and aura of the structure are a hallmark of the wooden stairs. How to choose a suitable March? If you want to comply with the results of the purchase or draw up an individual design project, it is important to determine the following items: type of wood and color of wood; coating (varnish, paint, impregnation, sanding); maximum permissible and recommended loads; method and possibility of material processing (carving, painting);…

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    Stair accessories: classification and application

    If you want to buy a high-quality stair design or make it with your own hands, it is necessary to pay attention to all the elements – the material from which it will be made, finishing methods, installation reliability. Special attention should be paid to components for stairs made of pine and other materials — plugs, fasteners and so on. They must be reliable and manufactured qualitatively, so that their service life will be long. Classification of component parts for wooden ladders Although, the device of a ladder design seems not so difficult at first sight, this opinion is wrong. It includes not only key elements, but also a lot…

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    Wooden staircase: buy or assemble?

    The arrangement of a two-storey house or apartment requires the installation of high-quality and reliable stairs. It is possible to buy a ready design, or draw up the individual design project with the independent production and subsequent assembly.   Pros and cons of possibilities The cost of production of wooden stairs often beats all conceivable and inconceivable records. Self-Assembly and manufacture of each part, calculations and adjustment of elements require special skills, the ability to handle the tools and a lot of free time. The order of the project in the design company will require constant consultations, and will result in a tidy sum in the case of elite structures.…

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    Classification of staircases

    As you know, a staircase is an essential element in many modern country houses, cottages, cabins and even two-story houses in a metropolitan area. Are you going to order a staircase or make it with your own hands? You should carefully consider the design of the product, taking into account all the stylistic and design features of your house or apartment. You should carefully examine all the functional elements in order not to encounter problems in the further installation of the stairs and make it as comfortable as possible. A wooden flight of stairs: the main functional purpose It is known that all variety of various stairs which we can…

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    Stone staircase: materiality and luxury

    Currently, stairs are becoming more popular in the construction and redevelopment of the house. They are installed both in the building and outside. There is a great variety of stairs: prefabricated stairs, one-piece massive ones. The material is also used different: stairs made of stone, wood, metal, glass. They are put with different purposes of direct use or just as a decor. It all depends on the customer’s preferences, the volume of space and solvency. The chosen company will qualitatively fulfill its obligations.   Types of stairs: what is better for your house? When designing a staircase in a building, it is necessary to approach the issue seriously and think…

  • Oak staircase for a private country house or a cottage with a huge price
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    Staircase for a private home: the problem of choice

    Climbing the stairs, no one thinks about how difficult it is to arrange it in your house. In addition to its primary purpose, it is of great importance for the overall interior space. The outer spans are the functional element of the system of the building, a connecting link between its interior and exterior. When selecting the appropriate ladder for the house you should know of what design they are.   The main components of a staircase It always consists of certain components: The steps. They are placed horizontally, they are called treads and the vertical plate, at which at one end of thread rests, is called risers. String. Beams…

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    How many marches are there in a staircase?

    Stair design in house provides access to various premises and is able to perform several functions simultaneously. A simple staircase is the best option for the construction of housing, as its assembly and installation will not require significant money and effort. Benefits of double marches designs Staircase with a landing is one of the best choices for the decoration of a country house or city apartment. The choice of mounting with your own hands or inviting professionals depends on the budget repair and the ability to handle tools. Simple design does not require long installation and is considered the most safe and comfortable. The other advantages of 2-marching staircases include:…

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    Spiral staircases: ergonomics in action

    The small size of the standard apartments requires original compositional solutions. Ready spiral staircases stand out ergonomics and help to organize a functional workspace. Advantages of ready spiral staircases Distinct advantage – a spectacular appearance is not the only plus designs. Extras include ergonomics, as the majority of the elements of the leaf falls not on the floor, but on the area around the central post. A relatively small number of materials for self-assembly and fasteners compared to the standard ladders also allows you to cut costs. Easy installation and replacement of elements makes installation and repairs fast and cheap. Additional accessories for ladders – rubber pads on the stage,…

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    Spiral stairs: what is their price?

    Spiral staircases today are quite popular regardless of their place of installation – a small two-storey cottages or luxury country homes, or even two-story apartment. Such ladders can be found in office buildings and hotel lobby. What is the reason for this is the prevalence? First of all, it is ergonomics. They not only save space, but the price of a spiral staircase is often much lower than for products of other species. Features of design of spiral staircases Such ladders are produced according to both model and individual projects. Typical projects have relatively low cost, but the price of the products created individually for a specific type, design or…

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    Exquisite spiral staircases

    A spiral staircase is one of the oldest configurations of the steps. Its undeniable advantage is that it requires a minimum of space. The price of this design in comparison with the main counterparts remains more affordable. It can be installed both as internal and as external. We will consider design features of such facilities and the price of a spiral staircase. Where are screw designs appropriate? The spiral staircase is mainly perfect for small spaces, as they allow you to save a lot of space. They are especially convenient for the construction or technical support spans. In addition, they are able to visually add height to the ceilings. They…