Aluminum railings and handrails are considered the main elements of the staircase structure. Therefore, they have certain operating characteristics, the most important of which is durability. House staircase performs a load-bearing role. Therefore, handrails and railings are necessary for support, which provides the movement on it. The handrails and railings carry quite high loads, so the manufacturing material is fundamental. In this context, aluminum is designed to fulfill this important task and meet all requirements.

aluminum railings and handrails

aluminum railings and handrails

Another feature of aluminum handrails and railings is wear-resistance. During their construction, special attention is given to their durability and aesthetics. In that regard, aluminum is also off the charts, as it demonstrates high resistance to mechanical impact.

The material of the handrails is often affected by different aggressive environments, as well as washable and cleaning agents (taking into account the degree of their solubility). Therefore, water resistance is also important for the fence material.

Aesthetic component also affects the perception of the staircase as a whole. A flying structure with shiny railings can impress any imagination. It is important that the fence elements are in harmony and organically complement the interior of the room.

The issue of safety is fundamental, especially if the railings and handrails are used by children.

From that standpoint, aluminum fence elements are ergonomic and practically safe. To achieve additional safety when installing the stairs, you must adhere to the rules, according to which the railings and handrails must withstand the load with a margin of 100 kg or more. Handrails are usually located at a height of 90 cm from the stages. The distance between the balusters supporting the railings varies from 12 to 15 cm.

Aluminum as a metal for fencing elements is rightfully considered one of the most popular materials in the field of staircase production due to its strength, lightweight and relatively affordable price. The underlying reason for this opinion and the high demand for metal components is such quality as durability. High-quality aluminum handrails, steps or stair railings can last a long time, while their strength (subject to the compliance with the rules throughout the entire period of use) will not change.

Another reason for the popularity of metal railings and handrails is a modern interior design trend. Today, aluminum staircases are installed not only in the offices and industrial premises, but also in the residential buildings. According to such style directions as constructivism or hi-tech, aluminum railings and handrails can be installed in the residential premises. Aluminum railings can take any shape, which makes it possible to include them in different style compositions. They have wide aesthetic features and can add originality and flavor to any interior.