Construction of staircase in the modern residential buildings and public institutions is one of the main aspects of house improvement. A lot of attention is given to the construction of external staircases, as they constantly affected by the natural events such as rain, snow, icing and hoarfrost, which makes them slippery. To resolve this problem, you can use specially designed products, for example, rubber crumb steps.

Types of anti-slip devices, used for arranging the stairs

Equipment of treads with the anti-slip devices called “pads” is a main method of building the secure staircases. One of the main tasks in the manufacture of ant-slip elements on the surface of the porch is to maintain their appearance according to the design solution. Following methods are used for this purpose:

  • spaying the surface of facing tile, made at the manufacturing stage;
  • manufacturing of anti-slip grooves at the edge of surface after the main facing;
  • construction of the carpet on the surface of the porch or staircase that serves as an anti-slip element and a cleaner of soles from the dirt.

Safe pads

The most common way of arranging the safe surface of porch and steps is the use of pads. There are following types of these devices:

  • Aluminum pads for the steps in the form of strip made of rubber lining, framed with aluminum anodized profile. The profile serves for fastening the pad to the porch or steps, while the rubber in this device is a device for adhesion of shoes with the surface.
  • Profile with a rubber pad that looks like a strip. It is made of special frost-resistant rubber. This type of anti-slip profile is attached to the edge of tread and used in external and internal stairs.
  • Rubber pads in the form of inter-tile strip, made of rubber and framed with plastic profile. This product is laid on the tile seam at the stage of facing the surface of the porch and steps.

Solid non-slip treads

Non-slip treads are considered the safest devices, as they have a wide surface. There are two main types of non-slip treads:

Rubber crumb steps. Such coating is very easy to make. Two self-adhesive strips are fixed on the tile before facing the surface, which will serve as the borders of the pads. Adhesive mixture with the elements of rubber crumb is applied between them. The mixture hardens within 24 hours, after which the strips should be removed. The mixture can have any color for a perfect combination with the color of tile.

Rubber steps in the form of plates. Such coating is an analog of anti-slip carpet. It is laid on the surface of steps to fully cover the space of tread and its edges. There are notches on the outer side of the plate to improve the adhesion with the soles of shoes.

Types and use of anti-slip corner thresholds

Rubber angle is used for equipping the treads to protect the person from fall, if the staircase is wet or slippery because of icing. Such angle also significantly reduces the degree of risk of injury in case of fall. Rubber is a soft material, used for covering the most dangerous place of the step– its end angle.

Rubber angles for the steps represent the combination of aluminum and rubber profiles. This protective device is L-shaped. The angle must be attached to the edge of the step with dowels and screws. Apart from protective function, this type of angle is used as a decorative element.

Moreover, corner thresholds are widely used for framing the edges of the porch.

Angle profile is very soft and elastic. It protects the edge from damage, and the person– from traumas in case of fall.

Finally, the most popular anti-slip device on the consumer market is a self-adhesive rubber threshold. This type of angle has a glue layer at the bottom the film. Using it, you can fasten the threshold to the facing tile of the porch or steps. You can use both plastic and aluminum as a material for building this type of profile.

Rubber and plastic steps for the stairs

We should note that rubber anti-slip or plastic steps must not be confused with such devices as rugs, thresholds or profiles. Treads made of rubber and plastic are the products used in the form if facing. Such facing serves as the element of interior decorative and protective device.

There is another innovative and interesting design solution– polymeric steps. They are framed with stiffness profile.

Treads with laminated coating look peculiar. Structures equipped with laminated steps give individuality to the building interior. Material used for their manufacture can withstand heavy loads. Plastic basis of this structure is just as durable as metal one.


Plastic steps for the porch can be an excellent decoration for any house entrance. Such an elegant porch can tell you a lot about the owner of the cottage and his/her taste. After all, every owner of the private house wants to decorate its facade so that it stands out against other houses. To that end, you must choose the right facing material, which must have the following properties:

  • moisture resistance;
  • ability to withstand heavy loads;
  • resistance to sudden changes in the weather conditions.

All the devices described in this article are mainly used to protect the person from injury during the movement on the stairs. Therefore, when arranging the stairs, you shouldn’t neglect the security measures, such as anti-slip pads for the steps.

If the person reading this article is experienced in building the safe staircases, he/she can share his/her knowledge in the comments and leave the feedback about this material. You should know and remember that truth is born during the discussion!