Material for facing the steps for the porch is exposed to humidity and temperature changes. Facing material for the steps or path must be resistant to mechanical damage and (preferably) have a non-slip surface. Another important factor is the price. The choice of ceramic tile for the street requires special attention. If the material meets the operating conditions and is laid according to the technology, its service life will be maximum.

Common varieties

Following types of tile are used for the decoration of straight and semicircular steps for the porch:

  • ceramic;
  • porcelain stoneware;
  • clinker;
  • plastic.

Ceramic tile

It is a very complex option for facing the stairs on the porch or terrace. On its own, this material is characterized by porosity. It absorbs moisture, which can lead to its cracking in case of temperature fluctuations. Special outdoor ceramic tile has minimal porosity. Another important characteristic is a non-slip surface or the presence of reliefs that reduce the risk of falling down the stairs.

Porcelain stoneware

Porcelain stoneware is another material for finishing the steps. It should be noted that there are several variations of this material. Full-mass porcelain stoneware is the best option for facing the porch steps. Solid articles without glazing can be used in the places with high visitor flow. Moreover, they are frost-resistant.

Benefit of porcelain stoneware is minimal water absorption- only 0.05% (for comparison: floor ceramic tile made according to GOST must have an indicator of no more than 4.5%).


This material is based on mineral components and produced by means of extrusion. It is often used for external decoration of the steps. Clinker is characterized by high resistance to temperature swings, strength and decorative characteristics. It is installed both in the places with high foot traffic and in those with static loads. It is characterized by higher price.


Plastic tile is used for finishing the external steps. It is characterized by long service life, moisture resistance, ultraviolet, temperature fluctuations and chemicals. This material is based on polymer, sand and colored pigments. Starting price of plastic tile (per square meter) is 1000 rubles.

Features of outdoor finishing

Outdoor tile must be protected from slipping. Special lineups of finishing materials have rough surface. Besides, you should make the notches on the products that improve the fastening of steps with the shoes. Another option is an anti-slip coating.

It should be noted that tile for the steps withstands less load than the option for the street paths or platforms. Due to the visor, it will be partially protected from precipitation. Besides, the car won’t be able to drive on the steps. Therefore, it is easier to choose finishing for the porch than for the open platform in the street.

Planning of waterproofing

When laying the street tile of on the platform or porch steps, the main problem is impossibility of the full waterproofing. However, you should prevent the accumulation of water under the material. Wrong laying may lead to its lifting and further peeling. If waterproofing is absent, and the water soaks into the base, which can lead to more serious deformation.

To provide the drainage of accumulated water, tightening should be planned with a small angle. Special adhesive products and grouts will contribute to the good fixation of material. You will also need a layer of high-quality waterproofing. Laying the tile on the garden paths or terraces requires the performance of expansion joints in order to prevent deformation. They allow you to offset change in the size of material caused by temperature changes.

The depth of expansion joint exceeds the width of the tile. It goes into the tie, and after the end of laying, is filled with elastic composition. As a rule, joints are used to outline the squares with the side of about 2.5 m. Additionally; they are laid along the perimeter of the platform.

Clinker for the porch steps

Due to its strength and durability, floor clinker tile can withstand significant loads and retain the structure of the step. This material is characterized by the diversity of decorative designs, which allows you to choose a perfect solution for harmonious exterior.

To give certain shade to the clinker, people use not the synthetic dyestuffs but natural admixtures. There are several types of surface structure: it can be glossy, matt or unprocessed. The price of different lineups varies greatly, which simplifies the selection of material for specific object. On the average, the price starts from 1000 rubles per square meter (for Russian manufacturers).

Decorative characteristics of porcelain stoneware

There are different options of porcelain stoneware on the building market, including:

  1. technical;
  2. glazed;
  3. “parquet-like” tile.

Technical material looks like natural granite. “Parquet-like” tile has textured surface. Glazed porcelain stoneware looks aesthetic, but it is mostly applied as a decorative design. This tile can also be matt or polished to the mirror shine.

If you want that porcelain stoneware withstands the temperature changes better, you should use coarse-grained sand and water during the laying. If the increased wear resistance of the coating is required, sand should be complemented by rubble. Starting price of porcelain stoneware is 400 rubles per square meter. Products from the foreign manufacturers are a bit more expensive (their starting price is about 1000 rubles).

How to take care of the tile?

If you want that the finishing is durable, you should carefully install it, and later- respect the care rules. It is necessary to clear the surfaces immediately after the completion of works, and then clean and protect the floor from the premature wear and tear. After finishing the laying of material on the steps, it is also recommended to immediately clear the surface from the rests of adhesive and grout.

To take care of the tile afterwards, you should use special detergents. If you used cement grout for the joint, then cleaning the steps, you should avoid aggressive compositions. Grouts based on epoxide have higher chemical resistance.

Why do you need rugs?

In order to retain the original appearance of the tile on the porch steps for a long time, it is necessary to reduce abrasive load. Dust and dirt from the street, as well as reagents can cause abrasion in winter. Special rugs for the steps for cleaning the soles of shoes help you to keep the surface in order.

If you want that finishing serves long and doesn’t lose its aesthetic properties, it is important to correctly select, install and take care of the ready surface. Tile is one of the most common materials for the steps, terraces and garden path that has good decorative characteristics. Leave the comment and share your experience in the selection and laying of exterior tile.