Modern metal balusters are the chrome and stainless steel railings. They are assembled very easily: sparkling pipe for the railings is just installed in the grooves. Such balusters come complete with the fastening elements.

Characteristics of chrome plated products

Perhaps, the most beautiful elements of the stairs is the railings. Flight of stairs can be made of unremarkable materials. However, attractive figured balusters or thin racks will create the perfect look of the structure. Handrails form dynamics, while the sequence of columns generates rhythmicity.

Chrome plated railings are a cheap analog of the products made of stainless steel. Thus, the price of one handrail up to 3 linear meters long is 5 thousand rubles.

Today, specialized organizations offer you to buy the chrome plated handrails and railings at optimum price. This is facilitated by the presence of domestic production, which allows you to manufacture the metal structures of different complexity, ranging from the simple typical products and ending with the complicated, exclusive and stylish options.

Great price of production and sale of different chrome plated tubes, handrails and railings for the stairs is complementary to the high-quality product installation service at the customers’ sites.

The use of new equipment and modern special technologies allows you to get the high-quality products and components, which have an attractive appearance and affordable price.

If all the necessary technological conditions are observed, the high-quality railings will have a high level of wear resistance. This helps to achieve the long-term operation without unplanned repair work and additional service.

Advantages of chrome plated railings

Chrome plated railings can be placed in any building. They are not recommended for use in the exterior decoration, as they are not resistant to moisture.

Stair railings and handrails, made of chrome plated tube, have the following benefits:

  • universal design solution – mirror coating, simple and precise forms, as well as the secure attachment to the wall — allow for using the handrails on different staircase: in the doorway, country houses and basements;
  • smooth handrail coating doesn’t require particular care; besides, it is resistant to different damages;
  • attractive price of handrails and railings for the stairs.

Laymen will find it difficult to distinguish chromium from stainless steel — all the railing coatings, made of such materials, sparkle with a mirror clear tint. However, the layer of chrome on the metal pipe is subject to abrasion and scratches. Therefore, such handrail can get rusty overtime. To avoid this, specialists are encouraged to use such material inside buildings to equip the railings.

Chrome plated tubes have excellent aesthetic properties. Sparkling glossy coating has a noble and stylish look. Such elements of the stairs look excellent in any interior decoration, emphasizing its style.

Chrome plated details harmonize with PVC railings, glass, wood and stone. They are considered indispensable elements of “high-tech” interior design.

Do you like chrome plated railings? If you do, write us how you used them in the interior, and if you don’t – tell us about the alternatives.