Staircase is one of the main decorative elements of the house. To make it safe for the residents, you should add one element — railings of a certain height. They can be made of different materials. Wooden railings are one of the strongest and the most ecological models. Made of environmentally friendly materials, they bring warmth, comfort and coziness to the house.

Meaning and decoration of stair railings

Wooden railings make a staircase look completed and very beautiful. Such railings can be decorated with carving or metal inserts. If you make decorations with your own hands, and in this case the price of work will reduce significantly. Wooden railings justify their price. Handrails and balusters made of noble wood are very reliable and durable. If you choose the stairs of an average height for the country house, you shouldn’t spend money on the expensive wood species; in this case, pine will be an optimal option. On the contrary, if you want to decorate a staircase, which will be installed at the front door to the house and look rich and luxury, you will have to fork out and turn your eyes to valuable timber.

The height of stair railings must be at least 90 cm. If the children use the stairs, the height of railings must be not less than 1.1 m.

Regardless of the type, any wood has an amazing texture. Therefore, wooden railings bring warmth and cozy atmosphere to the house.

Manufacture and installation of the railings

Wooden stair railings consist of the following elements:

  • handrail — it is a horizontal on the stairs;
  • baluster — it is a fine-molded post or, in other words, carved railing board. Its height is strictly regulated by GOST.
  • curbstone — this is the post installed at the top or at the end of the stairs.

How to install the wooden railings with your own hands (if you have a porch in the house)?

In this case, you should make the following steps for the manufacture and installation of wooden handrails:

  1. The first step is an installation of extreme curbstone on the stairs. Bind the cord to it. The device will look like a stretched string.
  2. After that, you should mark the installation place of the balusters. Saw the upper edges of the balusters at a required angle and cut the lower ones in straight lines. Process all the edges with sandpaper.
  3. Then mark the axes in the center of the balusters using a simple pencil. Fasten the baluster using the tapping screw and screwdriver.
  4. Now you can mount the handrail. To do this, you should use hidden fasteners or metal angles.
  5. In conclusion, you must treat wood with flame retardant, impregnation and paint/varnish.

That’s how the wooden railings will look (pictured right). Modest, high-quality and affordable.

The best and the most correct solution will be the installation and fixing of handrails with the use of tapping screws or wooden dowels. For this purpose, you will need the wood glue.

Hand-made railings: secrets of mastery

As a rule, the following materials are used for building the wooden railings:

  • hardwood;
  • conifers;
  • soft hardwood.

When choosing the wood type for the house, you should pay special attention to the quality of wood drying (it must not exceed 10–18%). Otherwise, wood will start cracking with time.

Carved railings and what they represent

Carved railings are created as a decoration of interior. If you seek to transform your house into a cozy nest, nothing will be able to limit your imagination. Carved elements are different from their brethren in that they bring the note of originality, something indigenously Russian into the building. In our days, they are made using the modern power tools. Your imagination, skills, taste and desire to work with your own hands can perform miracles. No one else will have such an original staircase. Don’t think that wooden stair railings are unreliable. In modern world, there are many tools, which can protect wood from decay. Some wooden carved handrails (pictured below) make a strong impression.

The height of wooden staircase depends on the desire of the house owner, but the best and the safest option will be the staircase that doesn’t exceed 2 m (which is a current standard). The price of wooden railings for the stairs is affordable. Therefore, everyone can afford to install this amazing structure, which will perfectly complement the house interior.

Railings for the balcony and terrace

Railings for the balcony, terrace and porch are the house decoration. These external architectural elements serve as a great place for rest and pleasant pastime of the residents very close to nature. To provide complete safety, balcony and terrace are equipped with special railings, whose height must be strictly regulated. Balcony fencing performs not only protective function; they also define the overall look of the building.

To date, railings for the balconies, open verandas, porch and terrace pictured above become more and more popular. These monolithic blocks have the following advantages:

  • safety;
  • strength;
  • durability,

In the picture below, you can see the simple railings, made of precious wood.

Such strict railings and simple smooth handrail will perfectly complement the respectability of the porch with an exquisite and unusual design and make your house look beautiful and magnificent.

We offer you to watch a thematic video about the types of porch structures and nuances of manufacture and installation of the outdoor railings. We are waiting for your feedbacks and stories. Share your experience with us: what handrails you built or ordered, what was their price and which difficulties you faced.