In the modern two-story apartments or houses, staircase is indispensable. Steps may not play a great role in the decoration of the staircase. However, the material, shape and design of balusters are very important.

Balusters: definition and functions

Indoor staircase draws attention, as it become the main object of design. One can’t avoid looking at it! This construction can set the interior style of the whole room. Construction that consists of glass components looks fragile and unusual.
Besides, glass balusters add elegance to the overall interior. Moreover, they make the staircase look wealthier. Floating in the air – that’s what you can feel when going up and down the stairs, decorated with the glass supports between the handrails.

While the staircase to the second floor looks incredibly beautiful, it can be also dangerous. You should be very careful while going down the stairs! Balusters can decorate the home and protect the house owner.

Balusters are the special racks, positioned vertically. They are situated between the steps and the handrails. As mentioned above, columns have two important functions:

  • protective. They are as used as a fence, which makes the movement up and down the stairs much safer;
  • decorative. These small details can make the steps look much more attractive and decorate the ordinary product.

Proceeding from the material used for manufacturing the support columns, they can be divided into several groups:

  • glass balusters (triplex, which is very strong and additionally covered with a film);
  • metal models;
  • wooden products;
  • forged options;
  • marble racks;
  • columns made of artificial stones;
  • plastic supports;
  • concrete options;
  • plaster models;
  • cement supports.

The basis for the manufacture is chosen depending on the place of their use. For example, lighter spare materials are used in the country house or apartment.
Wooden, forged and glass balusters are the most common options (the latter look especially delicate). This detail of outdoor staircase construction must be more durable. It should be made of concrete, cement or other material that doesn’t deform under the influence of natural factors.

A large selection can confuse you. To choose the perfect staircase detail, you should consider its benefits and characteristics of its care.

Features of every type of balusters

To make a right choice, you have to learn the characteristics of every type very carefully:

  1. Wooden balusters. Railings are usually made of beech, ash, pine, birch and oak. This type of wood is the most ecological, which is why vertical racks are safe for using at home. This material is relatively easy to work with. Therefore, anyone wishing to originally decorate the indoor staircase can order exclusive railings. Wooden carved elements will become a work of art and a main decoration of the room. Material for the work must be dry or raw. Due to the cross-section applied on top of the wood, railing details will turn out very diverse. When caring for the wooden options, you’ll have to tint them and cover them with special means to extend their service life. From outside, a product made from this material looks massive and elegant.
  2. Metal balusters. The cost of products made of cast iron, bronze, alloys and stainless steel can have the most unexpected design. The basis of railing can be the bar of a rounded or square shape and a profiled tube. Finished products are completed with the fittings; therefore, they are very easy to install. Forged options are attached to the steps and handrails. With the necessary tools, you can install them on your own. Apart from the decoration, the most important function is safety. This material can require additional treatment with protective means.
  3. Marble partitions and balusters from the artificial stone. These solid balusters are carefully processed, which is why they look so pleasant. Carved marble partitions are hand-made on order. Therefore, every variant is unusual and unique, as it is decorated with the figured elements. Hewn products are accompanied by geometric details in the profile. Most point models have a rounded shape.

Staircase balusters from this material must be installed only by the specialists. This construction requires careful layout without bias and cementation after completion of work.

  1. Artificial stone. This material for manufacturing the railings will help you create an exquisite interior without wasting money on the expensive materials. You can use decorative concrete to make the balusters look like any stone. The detail can be “old-fashioned” or carefully polished. The advantage of this material is that it doesn’t require additional processing and painting.
  2. Plastic balusters. This material can give “ceremonial” appearance to the finished product. The main benefits of material are its long service life, lightness and accuracy. Plastic balusters don’t require special care. They are easy to wash and suitable for painting. Moreover, they are resistant to the temperature fluctuations and fungus. Staircase elements can be additionally decorated with molding, chosen by the customer. Compared to other materials, plastic railing is characterized by the low cost. The light weight of baluster significantly reduces the time of its mounting.
  3. Glass baluster. This option of material for manufacturing balusters helps you make these staircase elements (as well as the whole structure) modern and original. Glass balusters will blend in any interior. This structure will look effective if you use it in the “high-tech” interior. Seamless and very strong elements are made in highly artistic style. They easily withstand the load of the entire stairs. That is, glass balusters for the stairs are beautiful and reliable!

Impact-resistant glass is used for manufacturing the balusters. In case of blow, vertical support will not fall apart, but only be covered with a web of cracks.

Characteristics and installation of glass balusters for the stairs

The design of glass elements is not as unusual as that of the forged or wooden models. However, they also look beautiful and unique. Glass decoration can be stylish due to the use of multi-colored lighting.
Red backlight will give warmth to the product, while the blue one can make the vertical column look like icicle. Another way to decorate the glass element is to use painting and applying a drawing on the glass.

Glass bindings can be made either as an integral element or in the form of vertical supports, located separately.

Metal and wooden elements are used as anchorages for the glass balusters. This type of railings is attached to the basis by means of metal hinges.
Railings can also be inserted into the nozzles made from the same material and attached to the basis with the screws. If the detail is flat, it should be fixed with the sliding method. That is, you should insert the flat element a few centimeters deep into the fissure inside the wooden basis.
Apart from elegance and visual lightness, another benefit of glass components is easy care. You will not require any special means or equipment. Special glass cleaners and soft rage that doesn’t leave fibers will be enough.

However, you should still follow a few tips:

  • soft napkins can replace special cloth;
  • thorough rubbing will help you avoid stains;
  • you should avoid using the products with abrasive agents, as they can scratch the glass surface. In this, the appearance of balusters will be ruined.

Having learned the types and features of balusters, ways to care for them and their cost, you will be able to choose the appropriate option.