Even though railings for the stairs are not the main detail of the stairs, they still play an important role. Handrails are required both for safety (on the stairs in the public places, on the winding staircase, etc.) and for the beautiful decoration of house interior. All outdoor objects (such as supermarket, pharmacy or any administrative buildings) must be equipped with the handrails or ramp for the stroller or wheelchair. Moreover, outdoor constructions with a porch on the terrace must have the handrails for the stairs at the entrance.

Materials for the manufacture of the railings

In the houses with winding staircase, the handrails are required for the safe movement on the stairs. The material used for their manufacture is very important.

In the premises, you should use the following options:

  • Solid wood — varnished construction will look impressive.
  • Forged metal — massive and exquisite handrails always draw attention.
  • Profile pipe — such handrails look easy and airily, but at the same time they are safe.

In the industrial buildings, handrails can be both concrete and plastic. Outdoor railings for the porch are usually made of common profile pipe, made of stainless steel. Such material provides durability and presentable appearance of the handrails and decorates a stairwell. Construction from profile pipe can have a square or rectangular section. You can build the handrails for the porch from round pipe. The use of such materials will significantly increase the aesthetics of construction.

Sketches or photos of the railings

When designing the railings, engineers often use photos or sketches of the stairs, which can be made in special programs or hand drawn. The sizes applied to the sketches or drawing will help you visualize the final version of anticipated construction. Moreover, the sketches that show the handrails for the staircase, allow you to imagine them and match them to the style of your interior. Usually, handrails consist of balusters or common racks, crossbars, handrails and filling, which can be made of glass or sheets of other materials. When it comes to the winding structure in the modern style, it is especially important to make a preliminary sketch, as it really stands out in the interior.

Metal railings from profile or round pipe

What metals are usually used to create the stair railings?

  • Aluminum is an excellent material for the premises. It is often used for building the railings for the winding stairs. Due to its flexibility, you can get beautiful solutions in modern style. Besides, its low price is an advantage when choosing the material,
  • Iron — due to the complexity of iron processing, it is almost impossible to make such stairs with your own hands. Therefore, the price of this material is quite low. However, for the outdoor constructions (porch, stairwell, etc.) you need to paint the railings due to the resistance of this metal to corrosion,
  • Cast iron — it is characterized by durability; such structures still serve perfectly in the doorways, where they were installed decades ago,
  • Steel — stainless steel, mostly used for building the outdoor railings.

Requirements for the railings

According to GOST and SNiP, staircase construction with the handrails must meet the following conditions:

  • The projection of handrails must have rounded edge and be situated at the distance of 30 cm from the steps.
  • The height of handrails must be from 90 cm to 1 m.
  • The distance between the racks must be ~60 cm.
  • The distance between the wall-mounted handrail and the wall must be 7-10 cm.

Pay special attention to the staircase constructions for kindergartens: in such buildings, the handrails must be double– one for adults and one for children (50 cm high).

The distance between the racks must be so that the children can’t stick their heads (which is less than 10 cm). Steps of the stairs for the kindergarten are also regulated by GOST 25772-83 (they must be no wider than 30 cm and not higher than 12 cm).

Nuances of manufacturing the wooden stairs

Wood is traditionally used as a material for manufacturing the indoor handrails. To build the wooden handrails with your own hands, you must first install the balusters on the steps and build the racks between them, and then install the handrails. Hardwoods are the most suitable for the modern interior. In this case, the handrails can be both exquisite and strong.

Don’t forget that wood must contain about 10-18% of humidity — otherwise, wood will dry, crack or deform due to the high amount of moisture.

Details of creation of the metal handrails

It is not always easy to create the metal handrails with your own hands, if you don’t have welding machine or skills to use it for the beautiful and high-quality installation of the stairs. Speed of installation and assembling quality of any structure depends on the experience of master, the quality of welding machine and the materials used. All the elements of handrail construction must be welded tightly and don’t leave sharp seams and other marks, which can spoil the appearance (particularly for stainless steel structures).
However, welded metal handrails have an alternative— you can use rivets for connecting separate elements of structure, but you should consider that such construction is not only safe and reliable.

What would be the handrails for your outdoor and indoor stairs? Write us about it in the comments!