Let’s consider the common standards and references, accepted for the building of outdoor stairs. When designed properly, steps for the porch are the most important element of decoration. Essentially, this structure evokes joy upon entering the house or spoils the mood like an obstacle that you have to overcome. Steps for the porch must give the person an impression of comfort and safety.

Accepted standards

There are standard sizes, accepted by the builders around the world, intended for the comfort of movement. Regardless of the landscape conditions, the ideal ratio for the step is 1/2. In other options, it can be uncomfortable and unsafe for the movement.

The width of such steps must correspond to the average width of the foot (i.e. 25-30 cm). The height of tread varies between 14 and 20 cm (in the photo, you can see the difference between the step and the riser).
Standards compliance at any construction works is a guarantee of harmony and safety of constructed object.

“Right” steps

To figure out how to install the steps for the porch (especially with your own hands), you should calculate the length of stairwell and the quality of steps. The main thing is to remember that according to SNiP, the number of steps on the porch can’t exceed 18. To meet these standards, you should correctly calculate the width of the step.

When making calculations, keep in mind the distance to the ceiling and the width of stairwell. For your convenience, the width of staircase must be 1 m. Smaller size may impede comfortable movement or carrying furniture.

What to make the porch out of?

To choose the right material for the porch steps, you should consider the location of the house and its structure. The most popular (but different in price and quality) options are:

  • Outdoor wooden steps. It is a commonly used material among people who enjoy doing everything with their own hands. In fact, this is a great material for building the porch (photo). The disadvantage of wood is that this material is subject to quick wearing (without special treatment and protection). Therefore, you will have to build a protective peak with your own hands.
  • The most common material for building the stairs is concrete. That’s really the cheapest and the quickest way of building the porch with your own hands (photo). Even a person new to construction can handle this.
  • You should start with building a formwork. In the photo, you can see the form for pouring concrete. To build this device correctly, you need to make the necessary measurements. A formwork can be made of wood or metal. Concrete steps for the outdoor porch are very strong and durable. They are weather-resistant and are not afraid of seasons change.
  • WPC steps (photo) are considered more durable than the wooden ones. They fit into any landscape and don’t need to have any special building skills to make them with your own hands using this material. This material is so durable that the wear resistance of this structure is much higher than that of the wooden stairs.

Main qualities of wood-polymer composite

Design of the stairs with WPC steps is a good way to save money with a maximum quality of material.

WPC boards have increased reliability. In contrast to the wooden ones, they are not subject to rot, stratification, destruction by bark beetles and burning. It is a beautiful material (photo) to build the steps for the outdoor porch with you own hands without spending too much time and money.

The operation period of staircase, made of WPC is 25 years. The composition of this material allows you to avoid problems (such as reaction to toxins), as it is eco-friendly. Properly made WPC steps guarantee the security and strength of the whole construction. The use of beautiful railings from WPC for the design of the stairs will make the whole house look attractive.

Regardless of the material you use in the manufacture– WPC, wood or metal, beautiful staircase (whose pictures you can find in any catalog of elite houses) is a face of every house. Their construction, strength and wear resistance of any type of stairs, alongside with the comfortable movement— all this is visit card of the house owner.

What would be the porch steps of your house? Tell us about it in the comments!