Recently, it has become very popular to build the indoor steps from paving slabs. There is a logical explanation for that – high strength of material, reasonable cost and an opportunity to create different artistic compositions. In this article, you can find the main secrets of using the paving slabs in the construction of steps and porch in your garden or yard.

Features of laying the tile

Such steps are in great demand. In the photo, you can see how original they may look not only in the streets and squares, but also in the country house. This is due to the desire of many to plant a garden on the outdoors territory.

The process of fitting the tiles is very complicated and requires a long time and certain skills. As for the sizes, the best option is 30×30 cm. If you want to lay the paving slabs on the porch, you should take care of the basis. Ideally, it must be made of concrete.

To start with, you should make a sketch of your steps, define their color scheme and all other parameters. For this, you can look at the photo and figure out which option will option is more suitable for you. For example, they can go straight or sideways, and this fact determines how the tile will be laid. Before starting to work, you have to measure the inclination angle of the steps, as well as their width and depth.

When calculating the height of every individual steps, it is important to consider the height of tile and, of course, sand layer. On the base of data received, you can calculate how much tiles you will require for every step. However, the same can be said about the porch.

Standard parameters for the steps: professional advice

The uniqueness of steps made of paving slabs is that their installation in the garden can highlight its appearance and visually divide the garden into several levels. In the construction, you should take into account that the height of steps must not exceed 18 cm, as otherwise, it will be inconvenient to use them (as you can see in the photo).

Many specialists recommend using the brick along with the tile when building the porch and steps. The latter is suitable for laying the lift.

The main rule you should follow is that tiling must be implemented from the bottom to the top. For this purpose, you can create various patterns and combine the color palette to create “festive” atmosphere.

Methods of construction

We offer three methods:

  1. The first method of construction is a simple installation of bricks or wall blocks on the prepared concrete surfacing in the lower level. Then all the voids must be filled with grout mixture. The tile itself is laid on the top. Such method is perfect both for the steps and for the porch.
  2. The second method of construction is acceptable only if the height difference between two levels is significant. The tile should be laid on the prepared cement-sand mixture (concrete pour). It is very easy to make. Take sand and cement (6:1) and water to obtain the required consistency.
  3. The third method is used in the gardens with a very soft and moist soil. In this case, rubble and concrete will serve as a basis, on which you should put the layer of brick steps and special substrate. Only then, the brick can be covered with paving slabs (you can see it in the photo above).

Joints – what they should be

Joints on the steps made of paving slabs (you can see it in any of our photos), as well as the cracks, will be present anyway. You should use sand to address this problem. Scatter the sand on the surface, and then sweep it away to fill them all.

After the operation, you should use water – washing off the sand, the water scores it between the tiles of the steps, after which is deposited in the slots and increases the density of inter-tile joints. This method is effective not only for the steps but also for the porch.

Wide assortment of facing material will help you create a unique design of your garden or yard. When building the steps and porch, you can show your imagination. Write us how you accomplished this task and show us the result of your work.