Porch is the main part of the house facade. It creates the first impression about the house owner. Tiling is a popular type of facing the porch, as many people are satisfied with the price and quality of material. Its technology is difficult, but the process itself is exciting.

How to choose facing material

There is a great difference between external and internal stairs (including the environmental conditions and differences in operations). Tile on the steps of the porch is often exposed to the temperature/humidity changes, frost and heat. Therefore, finishing material must be wear resistant.

Different types of tile can be used for facing the porch. The main thing is that they are intended for exterior works. Usually, these are porcelain stoneware, pave slabs and ceramic-based clinker tile. They differ in price, type of relief or pattern, service life and features of coating.

Main requirements for exterior tile used for finishing are as follows:

  1. Frost resistance. It can be viewed in the certificate of compliance.
  2. Water-repellent properties.
  3. Wear and abrasion resistance.
  4. Impact resistance.
  5. Anti-slip properties. Usually, this tile has ribs and notches or roughness that prevents slipping.

If the pattern is present, attention should be drawn to the depth of relief. If it is deep, it will be instantly clogged with dirt after the first rains. This will create inconveniences when cleaning the porch.

What you should take into account before laying the tile

Proper facing of the porch provides beautiful and high-quality house exterior, whose price will increase in the sale. You should prepare for the production of finishing in advance, as excellent preparation guarantees minimal costs.

First of all, you should pay attention to the basis of the porch and steps. It must be made of reinforced concrete (or concrete) and free from cracks. It is preferable that the porch has visor, which will protect the finishing from excessive moisture.

Technology requires that finishing materials are high-quality. Economy is inappropriate here, as the porch decorated with cheap tile will not serve long and can cause traumas in the residents. Besides, the price of tiling the porch is quite accessible. Therefore, you don’t need to save on the quality of finishing.

Necessary materials and measurements

Before starting to face the porch with tile, you should calculate its amount. For this, you need to measure the total area of the porch and choose the scheme of finishing. Add 2-2.5% of the resulting number to the total area. It is necessary to consider the cuts that you will need for the edges. Amount of glue may be defined by the label instructions (usually, we account for 1 m²).

Tools required for laying the tile on the steps of the porch and its finishing:

  • Tile cutter, which you will need before laying the tile on the porch.
  • Construction level, pencil and roulette.
  • Toothed spatula.
  • Glue bucket.
  • Seamless crosses.
  • Trowel for spreading the glue.
  • Rubber spatula.
  • Rubber hammer.

Technology of tiling the porch requires patience and accuracy. To start, you can lay the tile in the order you like to make it right. At first, you should place the solid elements, and then the ones that will be cut. Mark the latter and cut them.

If there is any doubt as to the accuracy of measurements, you can consult the video demonstrating how to cover the porch with tiles. Now, you can proceed directly to the finishing.

Let’s start the installation

It would be correct to start facing the porch with paving slabs from the front edge of the platform, continue with the steps and ending with the risers. Glue should be applied both the porch and to the reverse side of the tile (here you should use toothed spatula).
The width of glue layer must comply with the recommendations of the manufacturer. Its price depends on the properties and speed of drying. The thickness of glue defines how the porch will be laid with the tile. After that, finishing material should be applied on top and pressed with hands. At the end, you should tap it with the rubber hammer. You may check the evenness of the tile with the construction level. If necessary, you can adjust it with the light blows of the rubber hammer.

Next tile should be laid at a distance of 2-10 mm from the other. Put the crosses between the tiles. Check the accuracy again using the level. Facing the porch with paving slabs may include the complex pattern. Therefore, it should be laid beforehand close to the workplace and take it one after the other. Thus, you will not go wrong with the pattern.

As soon as the tile is laid, you can start to finish the vertical part – risers. To get the beautiful surface, it is important that seams of the risers coincide with the step joints. After tiling the steps and risers, you should face the sides of the sides of the porch. Now, you just have to wait until the glue it fastened.

Last stage in facing the porch

After successful tiling of the porch steps, you can proceed with filling the joints. Here you should use the special water-resistant mixture for exterior works. You can choose different color of mixture to match the main material of find a contrast.

Using the rubber spatula, you should fill the joints of facing surface with grout. If the grout mixture get on the tile, you should remove it as quickly as possible. After the complete drying of the grout, the surface should be rinsed with water. Water supply unit under high pressure is perfect for these purposes. Then wipe the surface with a soft cloth to remove water and contaminants.

If the house owner is hesitant to face the porch on his/her own, he/she should think about laying the clinker tile (our video will help in this respect). In this case, you will be able to replace the defective or broken part of the tile with your own hands.

Article and video about laying the tile on the porch are designed to help you face the porch quickly and easily. We hope that you found this article useful!