The owners of the houses often think about expanding the area of their homes. It is costly to build a house in width. That’s why many people choose to build houses in height (finish 2nd floor). They construct a flight of stairs to climb to the 2nd floor of their home. Stairs for the home and garden are a part of interior and architecture, and the only way to get to the top level.

Comfortable and safe stairs in a country house

Designing a flight of stairs

Turnstile with intermediate platformMarches to the houses have different designs and are created of different materials. Most often, the tool hoist is made from wood or metal, rarely of cinder blocks. The angle of typical outer suburban stairs to the 2nd floor is 50-60 degrees.

The design includes the following:

  • Radius riser
  • Radial tier
  • Tier
  • Riser.
  • Closed string or open string
  • Handrail (if there is space around the stairs)
  • Radius concave riser (if the flight changes direction)
  • Winding stages (typical for attic)
  • Intermediate platform (in the right photo)

How can you build a brick porch?

Building a brick porch with your own hands requires a specific reason, in other words – the foundation. The foundation for doing so: rip out the ground to a depth of bayonet spade (about 20 cm) in the place where the porch will be suited. The ditch is covered with gravel and then tamped tightly. The gravel is covered with sand and filled with water, so it soaks in, and with it, the sand will fall below. After that, the ground is concreted and left to solidify the cement.

Once the site is ready, you can lay out the steps (see photo below). While laying stage, it is worth considering that the height of each must not exceed 20 cm. If the steps are cast in concrete and not spread from brick, it is appropriate to use metal corners for reliability and durability. At the final stage of the porch lay outdoor tiles (non-slip).

Building wooden porch

While building a wooden porch, don’t forget about the wood water-repellent agent. You will need:

  1. Pine timber or timber for cross beams.
  2. Boards for stairs and landings.
  3. A few planks of the canopy.

Building a wooden porch for summer is not too time-consuming affair. It is important to remember that the foundation is of considerable importance, although not a prerequisite.

It is desirable to make stairway separate from the site, because soil frosts “play”, which can lead to jamming of doors.

Country stairs

Homeowners with a small area or attic, which is equipped with a living room, are certainly interested in the ascent to the upper floor and the stairs to the attic of the house. Most often, marches are met in the house in this form:

  • screw (pictured below);
  • designs for garden folding (right);
  • the main spans.

Cottage stairs to the loft belong to cheap products for the garden. Due to limited space, the use of modern, durable materials and design ideas, the lift system to the attic costs a considerable price, for which, however, you get a convenient, compact folding ladder.

Personally constructed stairs will bring a lot of joy!

Foldable structure for the attic

The economy class design for the 2nd floor of the country house is constructed personally by the owners of the Hacienda. In this case, the owners do not spend money on the services of installers and designers. There is anyway a forest or forest plantation close to home in the country. Consider the material which you have already found. You need to gather a few bars with a diameter of 6-7 cm for transverse steps and two a little bit thicker lumbers about 10 cm in diameter. Then, you have to correctly build the span, lacquer it, and equip with railings, and add color or thread, if you can, – the ladder of economy class with your own hands is ready!

Wooden spiral staircase

The outer spans

Outward flight from metal with forging to the 2nd floorAs for street stairs for the house, it is difficult to make such a device with your own hands even if you are a specialist (although this is not such a problematic building of the economy class, as in the attic). Using improvised tools and materials without special processing of the latter is not an option.

Street means of lifting is often done on a metal surface. For example, the base of a spiral helix on the street has a column, steps, and handrails made of metal. The steps can be equipped with rubber mats for better grip, plastic lining on the railing (like the attic) and so on.
Brick outdoor staircase to the 2nd floor is not an exception. But, as a rule, such construction must be provided during the design of the house. It won’t be easy to build such a structure to the existing structure competently.
It doesn’t matter whether you build it at home or the cottage, with your hands or with the help of specialists – the building of a porch or a staircase requires skills and knowledge. Our website has lots of descriptions with photos of certain design decisions. In the above text, you were presented only with the necessary information about the manufacturing of different options of stairs of the economy class to the second floor, attic, house, or villa.
More details about a particular type of stairs can be learned from other articles. Dear readers, write to us if you have created staircases with your own hands, show photos and results of works. Create things together with us, and you will succeed!