Ladder is the easiest design option. Single-section ladder, allowing operation at a relatively low altitude, or telescopic one, for work at height on a roof – they lose a bit to a stepladder or transformer. But they are quite suitable for simple operations – pruning of fruit trees, small repairs, or in order to hang the picture. The ladder is made from different materials – wooden, steel, high-tech alloys, but the most popular are aluminum profiles. You can make side design even at home by yourself without any cost.



Benefits of aluminium ladders

The one who prefers to work using ladders or more complex designs, chooses confidence and reliability. But aluminum ladder is steady enough, if you choose it correctly. It has a number of advantages:

  • Light weight – aluminum construction is light enough. So, it is a clear advantage when using ladders in the mobile mode.
  • Simplicity in operation – ladder made of aluminium profiles needn’t be folded, as a transformer, you don’t have to make difficult choices between the number of steps in the segments and so on. It’s just set at a certain angle and used as directed.
  • Low price – compared to the massive hardwood stairs or steel option, the cost of aluminum is quite acceptable.

The ladder allows access to the most inaccessible places

Lightweight single-section ladders made of aluminum profiles are mainly used for simple work on the improvement of your private home, repair the roof, if it is not too high, shed or in the garden. However, their choice should be approached responsibly – low quality design can cause household injuries. Good options of telescopic sections are connected among themselves, – they allow to increase the height at which you can work up to 7-9 meters.


How to choose the best product

The telescopic model folded takes up little space

The range in hardware stores is quite large – even a small outlet usually offers several models. Choice of ladders aluminum ladders should be implemented to determine its expected service life. If it is purchased for “single action”, for example, for the redecoration of the house, you can get inexpensive models. If it is bought for permanent use – you should pay attention to more substantial options. In any case, the purchase should be made at the point of sale, which is famous for its impeccable reputation and it is better to go to a specialty store, not a supermarket.

If you have revealed a factory defect or that the product was broken during the operation process, you cannot have it repair yourself, you need to consult a specialist warranty service center.

When you purchase you should pay attention to the strength of all profiles, the reliability of the elements of the assembly, the geometric shape of the design. These factors indicate a quality of a single-section or telescopic aluminum ladders. The product must be issued with a warranty card, and the quality certificates should be submitted on demand. If the seller refuses to do so, the products may be questionable.

Simple safety rules when operating and storage

Remember that aluminium ladders do not tolerate abrupt temperature changes, as well as too high or low temperature. So do not store it in the summer kitchen, outside, in the barn, on the roof or the heated porch, and it is better to put in the corner of the hallway of the house, especially if there is not a lot of place.
A folded telescopic ladder is very easy to transport

The surface, where the aluminium ladder is installed, should be firm and smooth, otherwise it may fall off. The aluminium product should be clean and dry and you should wipe it dry after each use. It is better to check the rubber ferrules on all ends of the design and operation of hinges and fastenings.

You should convey a single-section or telescopic aluminum ladder only in a special case. By the way, the angle of inclination of stairs should not be too small. It is not necessary to use the design of aluminium profile by children and elderly people with impaired vestibular apparatus.
How do you choose a ladder to repair the roof of the house or other activities? Please share the subtleties of a correct choice in the comments.