There is no person who would not use a stepladder – aluminum, wood or any other material. This product is indispensable during the repair; it facilitates the work and makes the work easier, and in some moments without it not to manage in any way. No one knows when the first ladder, but the existence of them in ancient times is an indisputable fact.

Types of ladders

There are many types and models of ladders. According to the basis of their functional characteristics, they can be divided into several categories;

  1. Addl. Products of this type need a building or other object as a support. There are several types of them:
  • Folding.
  • Sliding or telescopic.
  • Traditional (size of the permanent ladder).
  1. The ladder. These products stand themselves, without support, and basically have a design in the form of the letter “L”. They are also divided into types:
  • Classic.
  • Universal.
  • Transformers.



The stairs are made of different materials. In the old days, the main material in the production of ladders, stairways and other species was wood. This publicly available material is used everywhere in our time. However, wooden stairs are not without their drawbacks – they are short-lived and weigh a lot.

Due to the development of industrial technologies and reduce the cost of production of the metal, wood ladders were replaced by aluminum ladders. They are much easier, more practical and have a long service life. The price of such products usually are acceptable and the advantages greater. Consider the distinctive features of the aluminum products:

  • Ease.
  • Durability. Not exposed to aggressive influence of environment. Not subject to corrosion.
  • Affordable price.
  • Versatility.
  • The sliding design takes up little space during storage.
  • Adjustment of the length. Thanks to the sectional design, there is the ability to adjust the required height in high-rise works. There are one-, two-, three -, and four-section ladders.

As you can see – the advantages are apparent.

Sliding elements and sections in them

Sliding or telescopic ladder consist of sections. Section is an independent part of the ladder, the connection of which forms the maximum length of the main ladder. Each section usually consists of 6-8 steps. The height of the product is determined by the last step or platform if it is provided by the design of this model. The optimal solution for the house or garden will be a four-section sliding ladder. It will provide the necessary height for homework. When working with this product, you can use not all sections, and as long as necessary to achieve the desired length.


Safety is above all else

Using this type of household equipment, it is necessary to remember that you are working at height. And let the height be small, there is always a chance of injury when falling. Therefore, it is necessary to observe elementary precautions while using ladders of any configuration.

Of course, aluminum does not corrode and have a long life however with frequent use this tool, you need to pay special attention to its condition-after all, the frequent use of the device becomes unstable, it increases the probability of easing steps and the reliability of the stairs becomes too low.


Test equipment for durability

According to the regulations and specifications of any ladders, the load capacity per step shall be not less than 150 kg. Once a year the enterprises conduct tests of the ladders with the preparation of the relevant acts. It is not difficult to carry out the test for strength at home. You should set a weight of 150 kg on the first step, wait three minutes and move the load to the next level. You need to repeat it on each step. When conducting the test it is necessary to consider the general condition. The device must not stagger, and steps shouldn’t flex. The appearance should correspond to a working product. If problems are found they must be addressed urgently. If you cannot resolve the breakage device, it cannot be used. It is better to buy new, especially since the price of the product is low. Safety is most important.
Never use stairs that are not tested for strength or raise suspicion of integrity, because your security is important even in case of the most urgent work!


Choose the ladder

Of course, such a device is an indispensable attribute in the household, especially if you are the owner of a private house. What kind of ladder do you choose – two – or four-section? What mistakes are made by buyers? Does the price depend upon functionality? Let us examine these questions.
Choose the stairs for your home is not difficult. First you need to determine the heights of buildings on your plot and, of course, the house. The electricity poles should be deleted from the list because climbing the pillars is the work of professional electricians. After measurements you should determine the highest point. It will be the main indicator when choosing. Naturally, the price of the four-section design will be higher than the two-section design, because two times more material for the manufacturing was used.
If the highest point is 10 meters, when you purchase an inventory, then you need to add another 2-3 meter. Why? Buying sliding ladder, you have to consider that it needs support and you should put it at an angle, so there must be stock height.


What are the most common errors, and why is it not to do them?

  • Trying to save money. “Being greedy” when selecting an aluminum ladder is not worth it. Generally, the higher the price is, the better quality and durability will be.
  • The stock footage. You always need to consider extra meters in order not to get into a situation, when you stand on the top step, and cannot reach the object.
  • Purchase of used equipment. Whatever it is but purchasing of used equipment is not reliable. The metal has already experienced the load, and it is unknown how the equipment has been treated previously. It is better to buy a new one.

Of course, the price of foreign products is always higher than domestic, but that’s no reason to overpay. Consult with sellers, read reviews, and selection will be determined by itself.

In conclusion, it should be noted that aluminum ladders are widely spread in everyday life and in industry. And products such as three – or four-section ladders should be among your inventory.

And how did you choose an aluminum ladder? Was the price the main factor when choosing? What manufacturer did you prefer and what design – a two – or four-section is more practical? Please share your opinion, and maybe that’s your thought and practice will be crucial for someone when purchasing this device.