Staircase is an integral part of our daily life. Shopping, trip to the playground with the kids or just getting home don’t go without climbing the stairs. Modern design of this popular structure involves the use of various types of design: wooden, steel or aluminum handrails and components made of different materials. The most popular of these staircase components are aluminum handrails and metal railings. They are ideal for use in different premises: from offices to residential buildings. They blend in any modern interior, giving it individuality.

Beauty and quality of aluminum stairs

Aluminum railings for the stairs are made of anodized metal. Anodized aluminum is resistant to corrosion, mechanical and chemical damage. Consumers are showing increasing interest in the manufacture of the railings made of aluminum profile tube. Such structures look quite unusual and safe.

Main characteristics of the handrails and components made of aluminum:

  • very high quality at an affordable price;
  • durability and strength;
  • high resistance to moisture; they don’t absorb water or deform;
  • resistance to sunlight;
  • the products remain unchanged regardless of the temperature fluctuations and weather conditions.

Railings and handrails for the stairs, made of anodized aluminum, have a number of advantages:

  • The price of these components for the stairs compares favorably with the cost of those of stainless steel products.
  • Fingers will leave no traces the anodized coating, which minimizes its care. There’s no need for constant polishing anymore.
  • They have excellent aesthetic appearance, provided by the surface, performed in gold, bronze or silver color.

Apart from strength, low price and excellent appearance, aluminum products have a very important quality– ecological purity. After all, this metal doesn’t include any heavy and harmful impurities!

Installation of railings and other components made of aluminum

The main advantage during the installation of aluminum structures is the fact that you can easily make it on your own. You don’t need any special knowledge or bulky welding equipment. Absence of welded seams saves your time and money, as there is no need for cleaning and further processing of the details.

Railings and handrails represent a set of pipes of various diameters with matte or polished finish. In the dismantled form, they are similar to the designer details, assembled quickly and easily with the aid of special glue and anchors.

Wooden linings for the stairs and the steps made of highly durable glass can be the components of aluminum stairs. The use of these materials allows you to create unusual and elegant products that will blend in any interior. They are purchased separately from the main components. Durable transparent or tinted glass is also often used during the installation of aluminum railings. It provides additional protection against falling in the places where the children pass and creates a sense of comfort and safety.

Your experience in use, purchase or installation of stairs made of anodized aluminum is very valuable to all who want to buy these products. Your comments and suggestions will help you reduce the time for the search and installation. In our time, metal stairs to the second floor and staircase elements from different metals are extremely fashionable. If you have working tips for the care of this type of stairs, we’re looking forward to your comments!