Many facing materials for the steps are smooth and slippery (for example, tile, marble and metal). They must be protected with special materials. Internal stairs are covered with carpet paths, while it is impossible in case of external staircase. For the outdoor staircase, you will need the impermeable materials, for example, rubber pads. Well-chosen anti-slip step pads allow you to make the staircase safe and place emphasis on the decoration of the structural elements.

What are the decorative thresholds for?

During repair, not all angles and shapes turn out equal and perfectly straight, аnti-slip pads for the outdoor stairs visually align the space.

Other functions of profiles:

  • make expansion joints invisible;
  • make the uneven floor with differences of height seem smoother;
  • flexible profiles and angles protect the steps from mechanical damages (chips, cracks and abrasions);
  • step pads make the movement safe in any weather and time of the year.

Dirt-proof functions of the nozzles

In addition to preventing falls, rubber nozzles protect the premises from the dust, dirt, moisture and various mixtures. Decorative carpets with such functions are very comfortable in public institutions and standard city apartments at any time of the year. Dust particles don’t accumulate in cracks and seams, which facilitates cleaning and care of the tile, parquet and laminate.

Wear resistance, unpretentiousness and invisibility turn such coatings into the optimal solution for the preservation of repair and safety of movement.

Regardless of their price and place of purchase, the quality of profiles should be checked (at least selectively). Otherwise, separate damaged elements can significantly reduce the safety of movement.

Types of anti-slip tapes

Tapes are considered one of the cheapest and safest solutions to security problems. Such pads are usually mounted in the places with constant flow of people — supermarkets, cinemas, pharmacies and catering establishment.

The price of anti-slip tape makes it a good solution to the issue of safe movement in the country house and at the cottage. Meanwhile, there are special coatings for the installation in the places with increased humidity.

Anti-slip tapes can be abrasive (common grit, coarse grit and extra course grit) and non-abrasive (shock-absorbing, elastic and non-slippery). Lack of abrasive coating on the tapes of different models makes it possible to go barefoot, which is important for the swimming pool, bathhouse, sauna or shower room.

Tips for the installation of anti-slip pads

How to place the pad profile or angle correctly?

  1. Mark the installation place (mark the fixing point with a pencil).
  2. The ideal distance between the holes is no more than 35-40 mm; it is better to fix the pads in the places of tile seams.
  3. Choose the drill with an appropriate diameter (the manufacturers recommend 4.2 mm) to build a pad and a step.
  4. Make a chamfer only in the pad, using the drill of larger size (8 mm).
  5. Put the plugs from the dowel nails into the step holes.
  6. Clear the surface of the steps from the dirt and dust and dry them well.
  7. Apply silicon adhesive to the exterior surface of the tiles and the bottom of the pad.
  8. Connect the hole on the anti-slip coating to the same one on the steps.
  9. Attach the profiles, angles or pads to the step.
  10. Remove the remaining glue and insert the rubber threshold into the grooves.

Types of anti-slip pads

Rubberized or polymeric profiles are not only a functional element. With the proper selection and configuration of surfaces with the main components of staircases, such nozzles can be an advantageous complement to any interior and exterior.

Anti-slip profiles are selected based on the following criteria:

Materials used: rubber, polymeric and combined (anti-slip tape, fitted onto the metal strips).

Type of mounting: gluing, self-adhesive, installation with the help of dowels and screws.

Specialists don’t give any clear recommendations on the choice of material. It is rather aesthetic than practical issue, as all carpets are made to achieve a single goal – to prevent sliding.

Options of anti-slip pads

The price of anti-slip step pads depends on several factors. In any event, size, color and material of nozzles affect the price. However, the shape of anti-slip profiles has the greatest impact on the final price of the product.

There are following types of thresholds:

  • Facing self-adhesive angles. They represent an elastic sticker, fixed on the horizontal and vertical plane of the stairs.
  • L-shaped pads. They are very similar to the previous version. However, they have a small ledge, which represents the extension of step.
  • Self-adhesive tapes. They are fixed only on the main surface. Therefore, this is the simplest and the most accessible option – the price of such self-adhesive profiles is much lower than in most of its analogs.
  • Combined options. On the average, they represent metal (most frequently – aluminum) structure with grooves, in which the elastic fabric is inserted. The main advantage of such profile is a possibility of multiple use.

After the wear, it is enough to replace the rubber pad without damaging the surface of the steps. Apart from the typical profiles, there are also unique collections, made by the individual sketches. The surface of pads can be made in the form of applications with different inserts, spikes and relief images. The price of these products is much higher than that of the common stamped stickers.

Calculation of the profile cost

Apart from the main functions, panels can have a lot of support ones. Some of them are dictated by the properties of the materials used, while the other – by the design features.

The price of such pads depends on the following factors:
Size. It doesn’t matter whether the nozzles and big or small. Models with atypical length or width are made by the individual sketch. The same applies to the surfaces of any shape.

Color. Limited palette is used for manufacturing the surfaces. At the best, you can find a few grey and brown shades in addition to the black or white. Any change can significantly affect the price.

Durability. Apart from resistance to the temperature changes, stickers can be resistant to moisture, aggressive media and intense radiation. Abrasion grade also falls into that category. All these parameters define the service life of the pads.

There is a rule: the more universal the pad is and the more it differs from the typical sample, the higher the price.

Anti-slip system for the house makes it really safe and reliable. Rubber carpet, angles and profiles provide a lot of possibilities for creativity. We are waiting for your comments about the nuances of installation and use of anti-slip pads.