Modern stair designs are often of combined type: wood is combined together with metal or glass. However, in the past century, the spans were generally built completely out of solid fine wood, and they were majestic and durable. The current functional stairs made of solid wood have not only an elegant exterior, but also a practical feature – space for household needs under the leaf.

Decorative functions of leaves

Majestic stairs made of solid wood are a dominant of the interior, around which other areas are formed and created. Exclusive designs to order, the projects of which you can create according to a photo, can completely change and improve the atmosphere of the dwelling and the natural material gives it an elegant chic.

Standard models are inferior to the unique paintings in the quality and diversity of finishes, and can include carved elements – railings and balusters.

Although, solid wood is preserved for much longer, it requires special care, so that the staircase will not lose its outstanding appearance. This will require protective coatings, special detergents and preventive cleaning and repair of carved parts; wear assessment is based on a series of photos.

Maintainability and a possibility of restoration of such structures are high enough. The individual elements of stairs, such as balusters or sections of railings are usually out of order.

Restoration of stair leaves

During the operation, even the most wear-resistant species of wood require constant care. The surface and carved elements lose its good look over time. When referring to the professionals, you should grab a photo of the design for the initial damage assessment. In general, the repair work may fall into the following categories:

Restoration of the working surfaces

Over time, any paint will wear off, which is immediately particularly noticeable on the carved surfaces. It remains should be necessarily removed with a few grinding machines. At the end, the stages are treated with a new solution – matte, glossy or transparent (can be compared by photo).

Surface restoration without sanding

Work with a grinding machine requires certain skills and knowledge of materials, time and effort. If the stairs need repair, and there is no desire to mess – you can find special nozzles for carved parts or self-adhesive surfaces.

The elimination of the creaking wooden steps

The presence of scripts indicates the displacement of structural elements. It is unlikely to get rid of them completely but it is possible to try to fix places of joints of steps among themselves or walls. You can lay elastic mass between the friction surfaces.

Complex repair of wooden steps

The steps are worn out the fastest. If the structure is completely worn out, restoration becomes quite a challenge, especially in the case of a large area of carved elements. The optimal solution is the use of masking coatings (laminate, carpet, other finishing materials).

Correction of the shape of the steps

The repair of the design, simplify metal or wooden profiles of fixed or detachable types. They can act as a protector for the edge of the fabric. You can choose the color of the profile from the photo in the catalog or bring a quality macro-photo of the step to the building materials store.

Advantages of solid structures

An important advantage of solid structures is the ability to choose the right design and shade according to the photo of the room where the installation is planned.

The features of stairs made of solid wood and other materials are also considered:

  • environmental friendliness, which helps to maintain an optimal microclimate in the room;
  • natural “anti-slip” coating-rough wood surface-ensures safety of movement;
  • durability of the material and the possibility of partial or complete restoration of the solid structure and its individual elements;
  • ease of processing of wood (you can order a new decor for the old steps using a photo);
  • rich texture of the material can become a decoration of the staircase structure;
  • repair does not require complete dismantling of the solid structure.

Selection and repair of stairs made of solid wood – not an easy task for many people. Reviews and recommendations of the happy owners of such structures will help you to take care of wooden beauties.