When you build your own country house or buy a bunk apartment, it is important to think about one key element of the interior — staircase design. A particularly important choice is the selection of material for the product. The first position of popularity is taken by wood. Wooden ladders from ash-tree are an optimum combination of high quality level, simplicity in leaving and low cost of a product.

The best choice for stair design

Considering both physical and aesthetic qualities of an ash staircase, it is possible to distinguish a special similarity of this wood with oak. In the photo, it is almost impossible to distinguish between the textures of oak and ash. It is even often called a modest younger brother of oak: the price of ash products is much lower, and it is advertised to a lesser extent.

In addition to appealing textures and colors, ash wood demonstrates high technical and operational characteristics, which far exceed oak. Solid wood is much better than oak in terms of resistance to wear. According to these indicators, an ash structure has left stairs from beech and stairs made of larch far behind. It is strong, firm and at the same time elastic.

The main advantages of hardwood ash staircase constructions:

  • high impact strength, which stairs of birch do not have;
  • good degree of flexibility of material, almost like a larch staircase;
  • an excellent combination of high quality and a pleasant price of goods, which is not inherent to any stairs made of beech or larch;
  • environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic material, which is completely harmless to humans. This quality is advantageous for a house where children and pets live. You shouldn’t worry about your own health and the health of their households;
  • unlike stairs made of birch, it has a good toning, as can be seen from the photos of finished products;
  • excellent coefficient of stability of wooden structures, which is absent in stairs made of birch.

Ash stairs are the best and optimal solution for any home. If you choose this wood, you can be sure in the long term use of the material which is the same, as in stairs made of beech. Analyze the photos presented on our website, and you will be able to find the perfect product that is sure to appeal to you and other residents of your home.

If you want to have a stable result, you will require not only high — quality wood, it is important to check that the project is drawn up correctly, the production is accurate and high-tech, finishing and installation are professional.

You can study designs of products in the photo at our portal. Here you can explore models from other materials, including beech stairs. The final price of the goods will largely depend on the finish of the product. For example, the average price of a tinted product is one hundred and fifty thousand rubles, and the price of a metal, glass, or stone facing will increase the price by an average of twenty thousand.

Care of wooden structures

Ash elements of home design, as well as stairs made of beech, are worthy of proper care. The room should have a constant humidity of not more than 60% and not less than 35%, as well as a temperature within +15 — +29 degrees Celsius. The surface of the product is recommended to wipe with a soft rag without the use of polishing or cleaning agents.

You should examine the information carefully and you will be able to make the right choice of wood for the stair structure. Be sure to share your opinion in the comments!