The desire of any parent is to see their baby healthy. Do not underestimate the role of the physical development. So often the question arises on the acquisition of a child’s ladder-horizontal bar for home. Special sports complexes are exciting and rewarding for children, help them to develop endurance and agility. Next, we will focus on steps that we can arrange for children. In addition to sports facilities, we will consider a model for children’s beds and toilet.


Universal home sport complex

What do children’s sports complexes include?

Wall, rings and ropeList of sports equipment for the house for both children and adults has the Swedish wall. It gives the opportunity to catch up and climb the rungs. There are different variations of this ladder. In most systems for home, the wall is supplemented by other types of devices.

Many children love the horizontal bar. Sports with the projectile teach a child to catch up, thereby training the abdominal muscles and shoulder girdle. By the way, the bar is also very popular with professional athletes.
Swedish wall is perfectly complemented by the gymnastic rings. They will do the activity at home varied. You can fix them for the last bar of wall. Children’s sports rings are safe and provide a secure grip.
Another common shell is hanging rope ladder. Thanks to the reliability of the beams and the optimal distance between them the child is comfortable to train. Sessions with a rope help to develop different muscle groups. It can be included in the package for the home or for the street.

The bench press is suitable for the abdominal muscles. If the Swedish wall is nearby, the bench can be attached to one of the rails. This allows you to diversify the list of performed exercises.


The issue of security

rope-ladderEquipping for the child the parents cannot forget about security. The complex must accommodate a mat. Thanks to this device the Swedish wall will be safe, and a mat is also indispensable for exercises at home.

Horizontal bar and other sports projectiles should not have any sharp edges that could cause injury. The edges of metal, wood, and plastic parts are either protected polymer or carefully processed.


Climbing wall: model selection

First, the distinction of the presented Swedish walls is material. It can be metal or wood.

Walls made of metal are easy to fit into the interior of the house. Its advantage is that it can withstand more weight. Sports metal ladders are durable and long retain decorative features. They are relevant for young children, as slats of metal will have a smaller diameter. Such Swedish walls are easy to assemble.

Despite the lower abrasion resistance, the wall of wood is more common. It is made from environmentally friendly material and easily fits into the interior of the room. It is necessary to consider the weight limit, which is usually 80 kg.

Wall fastening

Fixing the wall

There are two ways of fixing the Swedish wall: to the wall using bolts and by spacers without additional fasteners. In the first case, it is important that the wall of the house should be a solid bulkhead, and the second excludes suspended ceilings.

Swedish wall is remarkable because it allows you to train different muscle groups. The children improve coordination and increase endurance. You can choose a set of different exercises for your child. Growing up, they will be able to come up with children’s sports games. Interestingly, the Swedish wall is recommended for classes for children from six months – of course, with the support of adults.

Spacers for horizontal bar

Types of children’s facilities

MaterialAdvantagesDisadvantagesOther features


AluminumLight weight with sufficient reliability, no corrosion, practical, ideal for household useRelatively high price


DuraluminQuite durable material, reasonable priceLower resistance than of aluminum and steelAn alloy of aluminum
SteelHigh strength, reliability, suitable for professional laddersSusceptibility to corrosion, steel structures have a larger weight than aluminum onesBolt connection or welding is used for attaching the treads to the supports of metal structures


WoodEasier to handle than metal, maintainability, you can make a ladder with your handsA great weight of the finished product, exposure to the environmentDuring the manufacture of ladders you should draw attention to the absence of knots in the wood, you need lacquer coating for protection from external influences



The installation of a sports complex

It is less time-consuming to establish a children’s jungle gym or set in the spacers. As for the metal models, the ceiling height varies from 2.4 to 3.0 m, whereas the counterparts from wood require the top border at the height of 2.7 m height. The metal horizontal bar is equipped with special racks that can be moved from the pillars. If you want to adjust the height of the wooden stairs, you should saw off a fragment of the rack. This explains the smaller upper bound.

It is not only the height, but the ceiling material. You can set the bar in the spacers, where the ceilings are concrete or wood. Theoretically, if they are suspended or mounted, installation is also possible, only need to run it harder. In case of suspended ceilings, the fixtures for children’s services are performed during the installation. With regard to sex, there are no specific requirements to finish. When you will install the horizontal bar or wall bars, you can make additional strips to avoid damaging the coating.

However, if the suspended ceilings have been installed or the height of the ceiling is more than 3 m, the horizontal bar and children’s complexes are fixed to the wall. The supplied fasteners are designed for concrete or brick. If you want to set the bar in a wooden house,  you will have to buy the screws. An important condition for this type of installation for the walls of plasterboard is the presence of the walls of the capital.


Ladder for children’s beds

When choosing a bed in a loft for a child require, you should pay special attention to the ladder. This element of baby furniture is often the cause of injury. One of the requirements for the stairs to the bed is the availability of suitable handrails. Also, it is not recommended to purchase a model, where a stage is located vertically or fixed between the upper and lower tiers. The best option is the stairs to bed with a slight slope.
Row-cupboard for a two-story bed

If you want facilitate the placement of ladders for beds in the interior, it is better to purchase a model that allows you to put it on either side.

The crossbar should be located densely and be wide enough to make the baby feel secure during the ascent and descent. It is not recommended to purchase stairs for the bed from chrome pipes. They are very slippery, and, as a consequence, traumatic. It is best to have steps for the bed in the corner of the room. Location next to the wall will be additional insurance.
You can build a safe and practical lift for children’s bunk beds or beds in the attic using the stairs-chest. In this embodiment, the steps are of a convenient size. They also act in the role of roomy drawers near the bed. Some such ladders have side walls that serve as railings.


The ladder for the toilet

A lumber for the toiletIf you want to teach a young child to use the toilet, there is a special baby tips included with the ladder. An additional step facilitates the baby lift. It also serves as a support for the legs when it is on the toilet seat. Staircase safety is ensured by non-slip thread. Thanks to an adjustable height and anatomical shape of the child seat, it provides maximum comfort.
When folded this product with the head of the toilet takes up very little space. It won’t be difficult for a child to independently move it up and it can be worn over the adult seat, and then removed and put back. The legs of the ladder are quite wide and stable. Attachment for a toilet bowl is equipped with handles to make the hold it. Design has no sharp edges. It is suitable to any type of toilet and going fast. Interesting staircase design helps to interest your child and accelerate the learning process.
Swedish walls, horizontal bars, training ladders, and other devices are recommended for the physical development of children. The comfort and safety of babies are provided by convenient ladders on the toilet. The bunk beds of loft beds are equipped with steps that can be performed in the form of a chest of drawers. Leave a comment on the article and share your experience of using data structures.