Every staircase in the house has its functional purpose. We used them to climb to the loft or attic – into rooms that are used very rarely; it is irrational to use a massive, substantial construction. Using a portable ladder or attic ladder is also not the best idea because the data structure is not easy. The best solution is to buy a specially designed device for the attic. The modern market presents buyers a great variety of flights of stairs to the attic, e.g., attic stairs Prima. Examining the best suggestions, you will be able to find the best solution for your home.

Staircase for the atta prima

Ladders to the attic Prima: features and benefits

The product from the prima brand consists of three segments and is characterized by simplicity, compactness, and it is entirely unnoticed when folded. The design is made from ecologically clean material – pine wood. It is suitable for rooms with a height of up to two meters and a half. The ladders are treated with a thin layer of insulation for climbing to the attic, which is unheated. The dimensions that are made for the device have such parameters: 120х60.

Ladders to the attic 120х60 are equipped with a specialized stick, the end of which has a hook with which you can easily open the device.

Metal fittings are treated with anticorrosive solution and the steps are equipped with notches for non-slip. The maximum weight that can withstand the design is one hundred fifty kilograms. What are the main advantages of the ladder to the attic Prima 120х60?

  • verification of all hardware components of the device in the laboratory for reliability and safety;
  • terms that exclude the possibility of slipping;
  • supports are environmentally friendly; only natural wood is used during their production;
  • in order to open the device, it is necessary to apply a slight force to pull a special rod with a hook, which is the mechanism in motion;
  • design is compact and takes up little space.

Metal folding structure in the attic

Loft ladders from manufacturers with a worldwide reputation

If you want to choose a design for lift to the attic, which will meet all requirements, you need to consider several options. Having studied the technical characteristics and design features, you will be able to make the final selection, which will be ideal for your home.

Light wooden ladder VeltaAttic stairs Velta

The design of this brand of foldable type is designed to provide the safest, comfortable descent and ascent to the attic. The manufacturer presented the three model structures to the consumers, with different characteristics and the target destination: economy class for use in the cottages, summer houses, compact for installation in small spaces and save space, the base is a standard model. The design is made of beech to provide additional strength and reliability.

Roto productsAttic ladders Roto

Premium ladders from German manufacturer Roto are made of high quality materials. The main difference between these models of attic stairs is that they are made not only from wood but also from metal. Roto loft ladders are the ideal characteristics of reliability, safety and durability. Special fittings enable simple and rapid installation and ease of use.

Attic ladders Minka

Attic ladders MinkaIt is a popular design model, because of the high quality together with their affordable cost. Attic stairs Minka are manufactured in full compliance with the standards of quality and safety that are accepted in Europe. Attractive features of these constructions are elegant decoration, as well as custom hatch of large dimensions.

The right choice of ladders for attic

The design of ladders to your attic must have the following qualities:

  1. high level of functionality;
  2. durable, reliable materials and accessories;
  3. small size, compact size;
  4. comfort in use, installation;
  5. any design that will blend with your home interior.

Using the presented data, you can easily make your choice, and ladders of Fakro, Mink, and other manufacturers sure will long remain in your home. If you liked the article and you found the information useful, please share it with friends and don’t forget to leave a comment.