There are many invisible but necessary things in human life. They include stairs. They allow you to climb to the attic or to pick fruit from a tree, to get to the top floor of a building without elevator, to hang a chandelier from the ceiling, to repair the well or cellar, to go down to the basement garage. Besides the usually fixed marches and mobile ladders, there are very specific ones, such as stairs for dogs and the library.

Beautiful library staircase


Varieties of ladders

Types of ladders are classified based on the scope of application of the material of manufacture, number of sections, and the ability to move. Such function as the ability to move is provided by portable stairs of lightweight and foldable design.
According to the number of partitions, portable construction ladders are divided into:

  • Single-section, they include garden, garage, well and attic for getting into small openings.
  • Two-piece ladder for the library, repair work indoors with low ceilings.
  • Three-piece climbing to greater heights and sustainability.
  • Transformers, having a different geometry of folding, equipped with hinges.
  • Tower tours for outdoor construction work in high-rise buildings, moving on wheels, and with additional supports to prevent rollover.

The scope also dictates the production of ladders for different purposes: for people and animals. Staircase for dogs was invented for our little brothers to provide small pets a comfortable life. Such steps help the tiny pets to climb chairs and beds, their sleeping places, or serve as a private place of rest.


Stairs for library

Step ladder for home libraryThey will facilitate the search for relevant literature on the shelves and racks over the height of a man. It is a necessary attribute and detail of the interior offices in the fashionable private houses, and museum libraries.
Stairs for the library should be beautiful and strong at the same time to allow you to go down with a  heavy stack of relevant literature.
Stairs for a small opening allows you to descend into the narrow aisle of the garage or basement or to go to the attic. Envelopes building steps help to climb to the balcony or go outside in case of the danger of fire. Handmade garden staircases serve cottagers and villagers because it is impossible to harvest without them efficiently.


Ladder for well

Aluminum stepladder for wellIt is designed for safe descent in manholes, drainage, and sewer. They all have rounded upper ends of the anchor, which is secured by stable fixation.

Ladder for country wells in the lower part is a special platform for easy repairs and can also be made with railing for safe descent and recovery.

Fixed ladders

It is always heavier and stronger than the portable one, and the scope of their application is limited to the function of service of flows of people in public and residential buildings. In industrial buildings fixed ladders with safety enclosures are required for repairmen to climb telecommunications towers, pipe metallurgical plants. The stairs of the porch and the floors in private homes are made with your own hands or by teams of experts.

Materials for manufacturing of ladders and their use

Portable ladders can be made of various materials, either in an industrial way or with your own hands. Often used materials:

  1. Technical tree species (pine).
  2. Steel (rebar, channel, angle).
  3. Aluminum.

Wooden stepladder for collecting apples

Outdoor stairs are made mainly from scrap wood materials and go off with nails. If you want to do this, take the wooden rails, long poles, or beams of the required size and make notches in the places of future steps. Cut perches out of solid wood and putting them in the prepared recess, nailed. This is the easiest kind of wooden garden stairs made with your own hands.
Ladder for libraries in private homes is made from wood, two – or three-piece in case of placement of the bookshelves in the lobby with “second light.” The ladder for these purposes is made to order, where the master makes the ladder for the library of valuable breeds of wood with carved parts with the color of shelves of bookcases storage of works of literature. In the public reading rooms, the ladder is made from metal, usually from welded corners of reinforced steel with aluminum rungs — jumpers.
Ladder for the dogStairs for dogs are made exclusively from considerations of beauty, softness, and comfort for a small lap dog or Cocker Spaniel. It is made of a wooden frame, filled with foam or thick fabric mattress, upholstered with a natural soft lint-free cloth in order not accumulate dirt and dust between the fibers and not to electrify wool of pet. They can also easily build a three-stage design.

Garages, wells, and cellars with small openings are equipped with ladders made by welding steel bars (smooth and corrugated) or metallic parts. Craftsmen who own welding machines and cutting equipment for metal, usually make such ladder with their own hands.
We hope that your valuable hands and a desire to make a comfortable life for yourself and all family members will be able to cope with the task of producing all the necessary steps. And we are waiting for your stories, what you’ve done and offer you to read an interesting article about the ladders for the home. It more fully reveals the theme of “niche” stair designs.