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    Spiral staircase

    Spiral staircases deservedly attract the attention of private landlords. This beautiful design will give any home the solidity and attractiveness. The technology of manufacture of spiral stairs is quite simple. Taking into account the availability of various building materials to make a ladder, anyone, who has some knowledge in joinery, can master it. The only subject of difficulty in creating this original element of the interior is determining the correct size of the spiral staircase in the production of drawings. In this article we will explain how to calculate a spiral staircase for your home in a quick and practical way. The main parameters of the ladders: counting steps One…

  • Spiral staircases

    Types of ladders with a rope bowstring

    A simple rope ladder, known due to the game of “Klondike”, has a wide range of applications. The device is used during the evacuation, carrying out the rescue operation or performing different types of work at height. Rope ladder is useful in the country house for servicing of wells or for the arrangement of the playground. Then we are going to talk about its characteristics and the methods of making it with your own hands, we will present thematic photo and video for clarity. Rescue ladder for evacuation Rope ladder is convenient due to the compact sizes and small weight. This allows you to easily change the place of evacuation.…

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    Spiral staircases

    Home improvement: types of ladders

    Any private building above one story is mandatory featured with stairs to the loft or second floor. There are different types of ladders, pick based on personal preferences and peculiarities of the interior attic, attic, basement. There are also harmonious solutions for stairwells. Stairwells in a private house The staircase in the cottage or country house is a queen, which does not complement the interior, but advocates uniting the whole and its constituent element. Depending on the space of a homeowner and what goals it pursues, it creates the shape of the future staircase. There are generally several varieties for a private household Helical structures. Marching structures. Stairs on the…