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    Wooden access ladder: beauty in simplicity

    A wooden ladder will surely be useful in a household and in the country. It is quite easy to assemble the structure with your own hands – you only need to comply with the basic safety requirements. What should you make a ladder from? Inexpensive but durable and wear-resistant material will be perfect for cottages and country houses. The outposts with your own hands are often made from conifers – for example, pine. Simple wooden ladder can be made according to a photo or another model, but the calculations should be carried out taking into account the recommended settings. You should choose equal bars and logs for a ladder, without…

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    Stair accessories: classification and application

    If you want to buy a high-quality stair design or make it with your own hands, it is necessary to pay attention to all the elements – the material from which it will be made, finishing methods, installation reliability. Special attention should be paid to components for stairs made of pine and other materials — plugs, fasteners and so on. They must be reliable and manufactured qualitatively, so that their service life will be long. Classification of component parts for wooden ladders Although, the device of a ladder design seems not so difficult at first sight, this opinion is wrong. It includes not only key elements, but also a lot…

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    Practical elements of pine stairs

    The elements of pine ladders are considered optimal for assembly and installation of a reliable structure. The main advantages of wooden components include expressiveness and reliability, and a wide variety of textures and shades allows you to choose the details for every taste and color.   The aesthetic function of component parts of stair design The elements of wooden stairs have to satisfy not only requirements of comfort and safety, but also to serve as a room decor. Pine successfully combines low cost and good wear resistance. Pliability and softness of the material make it possible to process parts of any complexity; pine stairs are ideal for carving and can…

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    Staircase in a wooden house: aesthetics and safety

    Wooden houses give the impression of comfort and peace. Interiors and architectural features of the premises emphasize the reliability of the structure. Various stairs help to draw attention to the features of the decor, as well as provide an opportunity to increase the functional space.   Criteria for selection of stair structures It is important to decide whether it is necessary to buy a ready – made model or it is easier to assemble it with your own hands. In the first case, you will have to spend more money, but less effort and time. In the second case, you need to prepare for self-production of each part, get consumables…

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    Wooden staircase: buy or assemble?

    The arrangement of a two-storey house or apartment requires the installation of high-quality and reliable stairs. It is possible to buy a ready design, or draw up the individual design project with the independent production and subsequent assembly.   Pros and cons of possibilities The cost of production of wooden stairs often beats all conceivable and inconceivable records. Self-Assembly and manufacture of each part, calculations and adjustment of elements require special skills, the ability to handle the tools and a lot of free time. The order of the project in the design company will require constant consultations, and will result in a tidy sum in the case of elite structures.…

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    Classification of staircases

    As you know, a staircase is an essential element in many modern country houses, cottages, cabins and even two-story houses in a metropolitan area. Are you going to order a staircase or make it with your own hands? You should carefully consider the design of the product, taking into account all the stylistic and design features of your house or apartment. You should carefully examine all the functional elements in order not to encounter problems in the further installation of the stairs and make it as comfortable as possible. A wooden flight of stairs: the main functional purpose It is known that all variety of various stairs which we can…