A distinctive feature of the ladder – it can be located anywhere in the premises without additional support. This ladder can be either with unilateral or bilateral climbing; steel, aluminum and wood are presented on the market. A ladder can have three or more steps 3 steps or more. Such models are used in warehouses and in shops for construction and repair works, and just in everyday life. Then, the article discusses different line of products, the price of the models, the distinctive characteristics of the products of the German brand Hailo and the company Alterno.



Classification of step-ladders by type of construction

The modern market presents the following configuration:

  • traditional L-shaped;
  • morph;
  • universal;
  • platforms;
  • tower tours.

stair ladder platform

L-shaped constructions – wood, steel or aluminium – also have several variants . They are either one-way (steps are only at one side) and duplex (steps are at both sides) climbing. They are equipped with working platform for the convenience of work at height. This may be the last step. Ladder-transformers are widely used. Such models occupy a minimum of space when folded. They can be used in multiple configurations. In particular, they can be used in the form of side march with the console (resembling letter “L”).
Universal model can act both as the direct march, and as the ladder. They have 2-3 segments, each of which is equipped with 6-8 steps. They are distinguished depending on the mechanism of folding. The segments of the telescopic structure are put forward and fixed with consistently established elements in contrast to the folding counterparts.

aluminium work platform

Platforms represent the supports for the flooring. They are used for work at low altitudes. When you need a big tall, you should use tower tours which have a similar design.

work platform ladder

The used materials

MaterialAdvantagesDisadvantagesOther features


AluminiumLight weight with sufficient reliability, no corrosion, practical, ideal for household useRelatively high price


DuraluminQuite durable material, reasonable priceLower resistance than of aluminum and steelAn alloy of aluminium
SteelHigh strength, reliability, suitable for professional laddersSusceptibility to corrosion, steel structures have a larger weight than aluminum onesBolt connection or welding is used for attaching the treads to the supports of metal structures


WoodEasier to handle than metal, maintainability, you can make a ladder with your handsGreat weight of the finished product, exposure to the environmentDuring the manufacture of ladders you should draw attention to the absence of knots in the wood, you need lacquer coating for protection from external influences



Another possible option is the combined product. Due to the fact that the greatest burden falls on the supports, they are made of metal, and the crossbar is made of plastic or wood. When choosing a ladder you should check its stability. It influences the further safety.


The number of stages of the ladder

Models are different by the number of stages. The indoor use involves ladders with number of beams greater than 8. The products with two or three steps are recommended for domestic purposes. This is enough for hanging curtains, replacing a light bulb or getting something from the mezzanine.

Products with the number of beams from 4 or more are used in rooms with high ceilings. Such models will be in need when wallpapering or replacing ceiling lights. They are suitable for outdoor works. It is worth considering that the price can be high.

Ladders with wide steps will serve for domestic purposes.  Polymer coating or thread is used to prevent slipping on the surface. This is convenient when applying the paint or plaster on the wall or ceiling. Often this ladder is equipped with a shelf for materials and tools.


What else does affect the reliability of the ladder?

When purchasing ladders need to see how rails are attached to the uprights of the structure. The most common way is to mount on the studs. However, a more reliable method is rolling. In this case, the metal rails are pressed into the supports and sealed.

The presence of the safety bar is not necessarily, but preferably; the angle between the segments affects on the stability of the structure: the bigger it is, the more stable the model will be.

It is important to make the unfolded ladder stable and not slide on a floor surface. That’s there are special tips made of rubber or soft plastic. The presence of restrictive straps is preferable to prevent the full unfolding of the ladder. If belts are not available, the angle of the working position of the structure is only held by the upper platform. So you need to make sure that it is firmly anchored.

aluminium step ladder

Read more about famous brands


Brand Hailo has proven itself in this market segment. There are seven models, two-step ladders, two of which can be used as a stool. Hailo ladders are made with non-slip steps. Most models are equipped with a panel tool.
We should also pay attention to five-step ladder Hailo. Due to the fact that the leg structures have special tips, it can be installed even on the parquet floor. Hailo five-speed model is equipped with a hook for buckets of paint, stand for tools. Its surface is corrugated.
The above stepladder-stool Hailo is designed for loads up to 150 kg material. The legs do not slip and do not scratch the flooring. The steps are provided with the rubber mats (photo below). Stool ladder Hailo is easily transported thanks to the handle, and the folded width is only 4 cm.


Prima Luxe from Alterno

A good option for home use — compact ladders “Prima Lux”. The model is made of steel, has a rubberized handle and also rubber mats on the steps. Two-step ladder can be used as a chair.

An additional advantage of these lines is a reasonable price. The ladder does not slip because it is equipped with rubber grips for stability. These fixtures can be adjusted for height. It is worth noting that the three-step ladder from this manufacturer has a maximum load of 120 kg.

The modern market presents various models of portable marches; they are distinguished by their size, price and functionality. Leave a comment and share your recommendations for choosing a ladder for home repair.