The cozy, beautiful country house is unthinkable without the attic. Convenient ladder to the attic makes it possible to increase usable space and does not clutter the space.

Light metal steps in the attic

How should you choose a ladder to the attic?

The dimensions of the stairs to the attic is required to correlate with the area where they will be mounted. Color, material, and style design also should harmonize with the interior. However, a small folding blade does not require such careful selection because most of the time, the latter is in the folded position. A compact and extremely robust model can withstand heavy loads; they are resistant and safe.

In a home with young children or pets collapsible ladders are especially convenient because they leave a lot of space for games and running around, and the probability of injury when the folded structures tends to zero.

Wooden folding structure

Tips on choosing ladders

At the time of purchase, whether in a specialty store or through an online resource, attention should be paid to the little things that you can’t find in the photo:

  • The safety of small parts and fasteners, responsible for security and stability.
  • The quality of the material, especially if we are talking about the tree; due to the constant jumps of temperature, some rocks eventually crack and shrivel.
  • Shape and surface levels, which should be comfortable and not slippery.
  • Fire resistant design function (filling the cover with mineral wool cladding sandwich panels).

Ladders with electronic mechanism are quite convenient, but they are often in need of repair, and their price greatly exceeds the cost of conventional construction.

What is the cost of a ladder to the attic?

The first thing that immediately increases the cost of the canvas is known as a producer. Products of popular European brands are in 2-3 times more expensive that it’s not known analogs. Trendy models of the season also cost much; they should be bought after a couple of months when other colors are in fashion.

For a folding ladder, it is important that it is placed in the hatch

Oddly enough, material and size are only in the second place – wood, metal, and/or designs can cost the same if we are not talking about exotic woods (mahogany, oak).

Models, which are equipped with electronic mechanisms and fire protection features, will cost much more expensive than their conventional counterparts. However, the level of comfort and security is generated by such structures; it is worth the money.

Folding stair design

For most private houses, the best option of the arrangement of the stairs to the attic is a foldable design, built into the attic floor. The advantages of this approach are obvious – in the folded position the staircase to the attic saves maximum space, you may notice only a small smooth hole in the ceiling. In the unfolded position, the mechanism gives constant access to the attic, climbing the fold-down stairs is quite comfortable.

You can find a lot of offers of lifting attic paintings on the market today. It is challenging to collect folded ladders by yourself (even photos of the finished structures); in addition, the price of such products will be more favorable.

Features of lifting attic ladders

When assembling the folding ladders, it is important to consider the following nuances:

  • You should make an opening for the hatch of the desired size in the wooden ceiling of the attic under in advance. At least two carrier beams should surround it.
  • The design of the hatch will help to solve several problems at once. The insulated option will allow you to avoid problems with the insulation and the loop is to use the attic as additional living quarters.
  • You can use available materials to compile a folding ladder – wood and even plywood. Bars don’t have to be solid, but their connections should be checked carefully.
  • Special attention should be paid to the opener. You cannot do here without preliminary calculations.
  • The assembling of the lifting mechanism may need a few parts, pieces and strips of sheet metal, bolts, and photos of ready-made options for the compilation of the sketch.

Street ladders to the attic

If you get to the attic only from the street, then you cannot do without the use of external ladders.

You can select multiple designs of attic ladders:


The removable or fixed designs can help you to climb to the attic quickly; however, this is not always convenient if your hands are kept busy.


Given the steepness of the descent and ascent, you can design a structure that will not occupy much space but will allow entering the attic comfortably.


These paintings can be straight or curved, solid, or broken into segments by using terraces and platforms.

Selection of materials for loft ladders

The used materials dictate the dimensions of the structures and their operational features. If the ladders in the house can be made of any material, streets ladders should withstand not only physical load but also temperature changes (diurnal and seasonal) and humidity jumps. Bright photos of our site demonstrate a variety of fancy models, which are not always convenient in a residential home.

Material for loft ladders can be:


Although wood is usually attributed to the materials for interior decoration, the application of certain coatings will help you; it gives it moisture and fire resistance, resistance to rot, and fungus. The wood is prized for ease of processing; such ladders can be collected even with your hands and give an intricate construction look.


Tech alloys are used to make massive wrought-iron design and light kits. Ladders to the attic are foldable, can be collected from profiles, pipes of various diameter and parts by welding or screw connections. One of the advantages of prefabricated structures is their different variations and design diversity, which provide the ability to fit into almost any style.

Plastic and glass

Durable and lightweight materials can be used for decorating the stairs in hi-tech style. Despite its transparency and seeming weightlessness, durable plastic and glass can withstand an impressive load. It is important to get relief stages, as, for example, in the photo on the right.

The choice of the ladders to the attic is a nice, although slightly troublesome task, requiring attention to small details. Your feedback and comments about the material will help to make the article even more useful and informative.