What element of the interior is considered one of the most important in country houses, cottages, mansions, as well as apartments with several tiers? Yes, we are talking about stairs. The modern market of services and a variety of design solutions provide an opportunity to create absolutely any staircase structure in the necessary style. The main thing is to choose the right material from which it will be made. From the point of view of durability, reliability, as well as the duration of operation, the first place is conveniently taken by monolithic stairs of concrete, leaving behind all other materials.

Despite the fact that a monolithic concrete structure could not boast of special demand earlier, in recent years the situation has been changed significantly: the material is gaining popularity largely due to its impeccable technical and operational characteristics.

This span will be perfectly combined with the interior of any stylistic orientation, the main thing is to pay attention to the finish. Compared to wood and metal products, monolithic concrete staircase has a wide range of benefits.

The benefits of using cast-concrete products

The structures has an excellent appearance: it is enough to pay attention to the photo of monolithic marches of concrete to notice it. In addition, they have a huge amount of other advantages that seriously makes them stand out among peers:
• high degree of material strength. Design, made from a material such as concrete is resistant to wear and any kinds of mechanical impacts. They are not affected by humidity, heat and frost, as well as sharp temperature changes. Due to its reliability and durability, the average life of such products is more than thirty years;
• reinforced concrete staircase is a versatile product. As it was mentioned above, this staircase will be an excellent decoration of any interior design, as well as the exterior of your house. All is due to the variety of design solutions and the variety of possible finishing materials;

• interior items made of concrete are as easy to operate as possible. This product does not require periodic coating of enamel, or polishing. Caring for them is very simple and easy – you do not need to gain experience or use any special skills. There is also no need to use specialized detergents;

• the last but not the least feature of monolithic concrete staircase is the price.

The price of monolithic reinforced concrete staircase is quite low, especially in comparison with products made of other materials, it is largely due to the simplicity of its production.

The production of monolithic reinforced concrete stairs: the main stages of construction

The manufacturing of monolithic stairs made of concrete begins with its design. During this step, the dimensions of the structure itself, as well as the dimensions of the individual elements, are calculated. The formwork (props and backup) is assembled from timber according to the project. Steel fittings are mounted to give the device the necessary rigidity. The supports are installed under the structure to reduce the heavy load on the base, and then it is concreted. The beam is removed in three to four weeks.

Now you know what is included in the installation of monolithic concrete stairs and what its main advantages are. This will help you to make the right choice in the selection of material. Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments.