Mortar concrete has established itself as a strong and durable material with water resistance, frost resistance and fire resistance. These properties combine modern concrete stair installation. Simple construction, which requires large-scale and long construction works, fits for installation both inside and outside the building. If you need to install concrete stairs, the production of concrete stairs on hire will be the best solution. Let’s talk about the structure of the concrete stairs, including repairs and its benefits comparing to other materials.


Manufacturing technology

The technology of manufacturing of these stairs depends on the place where it will be used. The standard staircase consists of a frame (stringer), formwork and steps. The stringer is at the heart of any stairs. In our case, the stringer is made of concrete. The stringer represents the base on which the level is installed. Structures in the open string can have large dimensions and constitute a compact design, which is suitable for construction in a residential area.

An important element is the formwork. This flooring represents a structure which primary function is to confer the degrees of certain parameters: the shape, size, location, structure, etc. Formwork can be made of different materials. Durable plywood is often used in the manufacture of this flooring.

Stairs are installed on the stringer. Their laying is carried out only on the solid and properly installed strings. Incorrectly installed, the frame can collapse under high pressure if concrete mass. That is why it is very important that the installation and fabrication of such structures are done exclusively by professionals.

concrete stairs


Types of concrete stairs

What are the types of concrete structures?

  • Monolithic construction. Monolithic frameworks are suitable for the construction of a porch, internal or external stairs for dwellings. A simple device and inexpensive materials make the cost of monolithic installations readily available.
  • Finished steps. The installation of such structures is made from prepared elements. Ready steps are most often laid on compacted soil with pre-bore holes for the steps. This option is suitable for the construction of a small porch or stairs in locations with suitable terrain (hills and other uplands).
  • Internal stairs. Designed to build inside a building or dwelling. Internal stair structures mostly have compact size, not cluttering up the space in the room.
  • Outdoor stairs. Can have a variety of shapes and sizes. The main criterion of such structures is high strength since they are under maximum load.

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Repair of stairs

Despite the fact that concrete structures have high strength and resistance to environmental conditions, repair of stairs of reinforced concrete is not a rare phenomenon. Most often, this repair is connected with decor. This repair can be produced by painting and finishing work. The appearance of the concrete stairs may change several times, which is its main difference from other stair constructions. The decor of the staircase can be applied by a variety of materials from tile to stone.

The complexity of the repair work depends on the type of damage. Small dents, scratches or cracks can be fixed using a mortar. In case of more extensive damage, repair is done by professionals.

There are specialized companies for repair of stairs; however you can seek help from the installers.

concrete stairs manufacturing technology

concrete stairs manufacturing technology

The advantages of concrete stairs

The main advantage of all buildings of concrete is high strength. Such buildings are used as the construction of overhead pedestrian crossings, because concrete can withstand heavy loads. As it was mentioned earlier, concrete has a high protection from different weather conditions. For decades, this design will have a nice appearance. Despite the high quality of these ladders, the price can not be called high. The affordable price is due to the low cost concrete solution that has the best cost in comparison with materials such as wood and metal, and it is not so difficult to make concrete stairs with your own hands.

As a result article, you can display the claim that a concrete staircase is a robust installation, characterized by the rapid manufacturing process, high quality and affordable price. Have you ever faced with necessity of installation of staircases from concrete? Were there any nuances in the installation process? We’d love to hear your feedback!