Many homeowners have no idea how many elements constructed of concrete are in their homes. Despite the fact that the frame and the walls are made of brick, concrete stairs will certainly be a part of the design. Even if the stairs are constructed of metal or wood inside the house, then the input group will certainly be made from concrete. In apartment buildings all the stairs in the entrance are made of concrete, but owners of private two or three-storey buildings often also prefer concrete stairs.

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Benefits of constructions made of reinforced concrete

Each home owner is focused primarily on their own ideas about the appearance of their homes, but it is necessary to take into account the positive and negative characteristics of a product. The advantages of concrete stairs should include:

  • Speed of building. Regardless of the scales of building, design of reinforced concrete is built much faster and more precisely than when using other materials;
  • Production and installation occur directly on the construction site, which allows you not to involve heavy equipment in the process of manufacturing;
  • Does not require expensive or exclusive materials for which the price will be much higher than on the concrete, which will necessarily affect the final cost of the construction;
  • If you want to change design, you can make adjustments directly during the production, while metallic, glass or wooden products, prices of which are significantly higher, almost always come in the final version;
  • Precast concrete stairs are made remotely and only their final assembly is made on the place. It is also a significant positive factor influencing the cost;
  • Concrete products are very durable and long lasting structures, despite their low cost, they do not change its shape, do not crack, are resistant to external aggressive factors (increased or very low temperature, fire, high humidity, mechanical impact);
  • The choice of design is limited only by the imagination of the owner or designer. There are many types of concrete stairs and all depends on the overall room design and function of the product, price restrictions;
  • Concrete is often decorated with other decorative materials, depending on the overall design of the room – plastic, PVC, wood, metals, glass, ceramics. Looking at the photo, it is impossible to understand whether it is concrete but not other materials, the prices of which are significantly higher than of concrete.

The choice of a particular variant of a staircase depends only on the owner of the house or on the opinion of the designer, but it is clear that the concrete stairs have a lot of positive properties.

Most experts believe that the main advantages of concrete stairs are strength and durability, low cost and the ability to apply a variety of design options, but there are a lot of pluses.

No one can say that a particular choice is ideal – it all depends on preferences and tastes of the owner. However, it is worth considering the pros-cons of each option.

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Variants of constructions and design

There are many options and not all of them can be attributed to a classification, but you can still distinguish a few of the most common designs:

  1. Straight stairs “The Road”.
  2. “Cubes” — the steps vary in width in a checkerboard pattern.
  3. L- shaped or U-shaped steps with the formation of flights of stairs between floors.
  4. Y-shaped steps – with a gradual narrowing of the width of the span from the bottom up.
  5. Concrete spiral staircase.
  6. Curved steps – a type of a screw staircase, but without forming a complete spiral or L-shaped steps, but without intermediate platforms.
  7. The individual design.

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What are the best concrete stairs?

Choose any, but only the one that is best suitable for a specific home, the cost of which will not ruin a homeowner, will best fit into the interior and will not be just functional, technical, utilitarian item, but will become a real decoration and a part of the decor.

Keep in mind that the final cost of the product, first of all, depends on the characteristics of the design and choice of materials that will be used for finishing. Stairs – interior and integral functional part of any home, so the choice should be approached with the utmost care and responsibility, and it is best to seek help from professionals when you’ve got the idea of making concrete stairs.

And what design do you prefer (wood, metal or concrete)? Tell us about the ladder of your dreams in the comments!