In the final stage of repair, people often ask themselves how to choose the facing for the staircase or porch of the house. Complexity of choice is due to the high passability, which requires strength and abrasion resistance of the finishing. Moreover, facing of the porch made of porcelain stoneware or other materials must fit into the overall design. Types of finishing materials, preparation of the foundation and right performance will help you to get a high-quality result.

Types of facing materials

Decorative finishing concrete stair

Decorative finishing concrete stair

To finish the internal staircases, you should use laminate, parquet, moquette or tile. For the street, you should use other materials: ceramic tile, mosaic, granite and marble. One of the most common finishing types is facing with porcelain stoneware. Ceramics effectively protects the base from high humidity and temperature changes, thereby extending the service life of the product.

Facing of external staircases with granite has an attractive appearance and high durability. The key to the long service of the porch coating is compliance with certain rules when making the finishing works:

  • high-quality waterproofing will prevent the destruction of basis due to the ground moisture;
  • grout mixture must be used for external works as well;
  • concrete base of the porch should be made of ferroconcrete (М200) and laid on the pre-stamped soil;
  • you should fix the finishing material only with glue, intended for street use.

Use of laminate for facing the internal staircase is characterized by safety and durability, will become an effective complement to the interior and provide a sound insulation of steps.

When choosing this type of finishing, you should remember the following: laminate can’t strengthen creaking and staggering floorboard. Therefore, repair of the staircase should be carried out during the preparatory stage.

Preparation of the foundation

When preparing the wooden staircase inside the house for laminate flooring, you should check the stairs and repair the dilapidated elements. Even the smallest gap in the steps can lead to the deformation of laminated panel during the further operation. You should fix the basis with the tapping screws. If you have covered the surface with varnish or oil paint, it should be left for complete drying.

If you face the porch with granite, preparation should be made very carefully. Before the beginning of works, you should level the foundation maximally and make a small slope for water drainage. To make a slope, specialists recommend using the building “beacons”, fixed on the basis by means of the adhesive mixture. After the freezing of these “beacons”, the surface should be covered with a tie (according to the rule). After 12 hours, you should check the plane and (if necessary) clear it from the influx. Before facing, the prepared surface should be cleared from dust and qualitively processed with primer.

You should also prepare the steps of the porch for finishing. To face the ends of the steps correctly, you can use special template made of profile tubes in the form of straight angles. The task of this device is to remove the excesses of solution from the end of step so that the edge of granite plate protrudes on the width of the riser. If the tile protrudes above the side surface by more than 3 cm, end of step should be ramped up using the reinforcement solution.

Execution of finishing works


How to work with laminate

How to work with laminate

To face the porch of the house with porcelain stoneware, you should start from the edge. You should apply the glue on the inner side of the plate. Use a serrated spatula to evenly apply the mixture, leaving the smooth grooves. Laying the product on the basis, you should check the plane with the building level. To get the uniform seams, you should place the plastic crosses between the tiles. Facing with granite is made in the same way.

Before starting to finish the internal staircase with laminate, you should choose the width of panel (which must be no less than the width of step). It will help you avoid the connection of locks on the plane, providing higher quality of work. To fit the laminate strips, you may need the following tools and materials:

  • electric jigsaw for cutting wood;
  • durable metal saw for cutting out the figured details;
  • pencil or marker;
  • sheets of dense cardboard to make a template of the necessary detail (if necessary).

Before laying the laminated panels, you should cover the prepared basis with a corkboard substrate, gluing the junctions with a tape. You should start laying with the upper step, gradually descending. You can fasten the panel to the wooden basis using the taping screw, while for the concrete basis you should use the dowel with a hidden cap. During facing with laminate, pressure falls on the edge of the panel. To protect the edge, you should use metal staircase. It will also serve as an additional fastening material for finishing panel.

Finishing of the wooden staircase in the house with laminated panels is a great option for the restoration of worn-out coating with a strong basis. Following the simple rules and being careful, you can face the staircase in your own house, using the laminate panel. If you find this article informative, write us in the comments and leave your suggestions regarding the exterior and interior finishing of the staircase.