Tips for decorating the porch
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Design of the porch and staircase of the country house

Porch and staircase are the integral parts of any modern cottage and country house. They not only fulfill the practical function, but also serve as the most important element of interior/exterior design of the country house or cottage. Therefore, during the design and development, you should pay attention not only to their quality, safety and ease of use. It is important to think over the design of the porch of the private house and staircase to the second floor of the house. To make the structure perfect, you should examine all possible options and see how you can decorate the stairs (look at the photos in our catalog).

Tips for decorating the porch

decorating the porch of the private kindergarten
decorating the porch of the private kindergarten

Decoration of the porch is a responsible step in the creation of special exterior of the summerhouse, country house or private kindergarten. Look at the pictures below and keep in mind our advice:

  • when decorating the porch of the private kindergarten or your own house, try to use the same color scheme that you used for decorating the façade of the house;
  • it is desirable that the architectural elements of the porch overlap with the architecture of exterior of the house or private kindergarten. Common style is the best solution. You can see it for yourself by looking at the photos from our catalog;
  • pay attention to both the area of the porch and steps. You can place the carved wooden bench on the landing and use the beautiful curtains for the staircase, which will be situated next to the steps and create a pleasant shade;
  • when choosing the finishing materials, you should think not only about their appearance, but also about their practicality. Pay attention to the natural stone and porcelain stoneware.
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How to design the staircase in the private house?

How to design the staircase in the private house
How to design the staircase in the private house

Staircase to the second floor is a very important element of interior. Design of internal staircase is an issue you should consider yet at the design stage. After studying the photos presented below you’ll understand that there are several different options for the design of this product.

  1. Creation of decorative elements at the design stage implies the manufacture of decorative railings along the whole flight of stairs and the landing, which will be situated on the second floor. Design methods are chosen depending on the material of the staircase– wood, metal or concrete. You can see the options of interesting interior elements at the photo. It would be good if the decoration of the product overlap with the design of the other interior elements (for example, windows).
  2. Facing the stairs with different additional materials – glass, ceramics or metal. You can decorate the window, situated not far from the staircase, in the same style. For example, window will look good with ceramic finishing. Moreover, the windows look excellent with an acrylic frame that has interesting design. A picture of the staircases matching the window perfectly can be found in our catalog.
  3. You shouldn’t forget about such finishing methods as paints, enamels, photo wallpaper and collages. An excellent idea that has appeared only recently is curtains for the staircase that can serve both as a decoration of the device leading to the second floor and as one of the elements of interior design. You can see the types of curtains for the staircase (which you can place on the landing of the second floor).
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Design of staircase

Design of staircase
Design of staircase

If you’re a lucky owner of a multi-story house, you’re offered great opportunities for establishing the unique interior, available due to the decoration of staircases and every floor.

In this matter, everything is limited only to your imagination. Staircases have many free planes that can be decorated at your wish. You can design every floor by using different methods of decoration. The most important thing is that the landings on the floors are performed in the same style.

To create calm and harmonious composition, you can make the flights to match the whole premises. You can also use contrasting colors to make the staircase bright and original style. Steps are often painted not one but several colors to create the rainbow effect.

Such solution is perfect for the house where small children live, as they will definitely like it. To create a unique interior, staircases are decorated with stickers and ornaments that will emphasize the elegance and good taste of its owners.

Such solution can be applied to the wooden structures. However, metal products can communicate accurately their luxury and history.

All presented design types can be seen in our catalog. The staircases can change the shape and color of steps and railings, creating the unique compositions, which will please every member of the family. In addition, the process of decorating will cheer everyone up and create a good atmosphere for a long time.

 Decorate the staircase for wedding and other celebrations

Decorate the staircase for wedding and other celebrations
Decorate the staircase for wedding and other celebrations

Frequently, internal staircases should be decorated for a solemn event, such as wedding. It is important to approach this matter wisely and responsibly to create the necessary atmosphere. Wedding, celebrated at home, requires special decorations, commensurate with the importance of this moment. To decorate the staircase for the wedding, you should use balloons or drapery fabrics. In combination with the other elements of decoration, tight and airy fabrics (of course, wedding-themed) create a unique composition, which will pleasantly surprise all guests.

  Spiral staircase made of metal with your hands

Another indispensable element of the wedding decoration of the staircase is flowers (both artificial and real). Artificial flowers can be woven into different figures that will make the wedding original, and the living plants will create the atmosphere of a bright holiday. You can find the exquisite photos of the festive staircases in the article below.

You can strew the steps with flower petals or lay some elegant coating so that the newly married couple deeply feels the festive atmosphere. Newlyweds and their guests should remember this wedding forever. Of course, the decoration of staircase during such a commemorative event will give your wedding the atmosphere of an unforgettable celebration.

We have prepared for you a lot of tips and photos to create the unique and refined style. Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments and offer your design options.

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