Most owners of the country houses, cottages and summerhouses think about using the space under the stairs. If your staircase is not spiral but common, it will be really upsetting if a lot of space remains empty. How to design the space under the staircase of the cottage or apartment very beautifully and practically? This is a very pertinent issue. There are many pictures on the web, where you can see how people decorate their interiors. However, not all of the options are easily accomplished.

Why to fill the empty space under the stairs?

There are many options of using the space under the stairs. In addition to more rational use of space, staircase structure will become safer and more durable. Exclusive design solutions will be an excellent find for the whole family and surprise your family and friends.


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Possible use of free space under the stairs

In each premise, the staircases are located differently. This will define how you will can arrange the free space, whether you can install the door and how the design works will be carried out. There are several options: space under the stairs in the hallway (corridor) and in the living room.

Space under the staircase in the hallway or corridor

There are following ways to fill the space under the stairs in the hallway or corridor:

  • storage room;
  • wardrobe (dressing room);
  • room (for example, cabinet);
  • lavatory;
  • shelves under the stairs;
  • kitchen

Storage room under the stairs


Possible use of free space under the stairs

Storage room under the stairs is very useful to store the household items, cooking for winter, sledge or ski, boat, car parts, vacuum cleaner, garden accessories or other useful things. You can arrange the storage with your own hands or entrust it to the professionals. The storage can be either closed or open. However, experts recommend you to make it mixed. It can be decorated with different improvised means, such as tinsel, pieces of fabric and figures from cardboard or color paper. You can also use purchase phosphoric stars or other interesting additions of any design. Here, the imagination of the house owners is unlimited. You can see the photos of the designs on the website.

Wardrobe under the stairs

Wardrobe under the stairs is very comfortable and effective option of using the space under the lower staircase and a first stairwell. In this case, it will not clutter the space of your living room or bedroom. You can build such wardrobe on your own in house conditions (if you have suitable material) or just order them by indicating the necessary size and color. Wardrobe can be decorated at your own discretion (for example, with the children’s drawings).
If there is a lot of space under the staircase, you can create a whole wardrobe, whose design you can either develop on your own or agree with a specialist.

Room (study) under the stairs

If one of the family members spends much time at the computer, but you can’t spare a room for that purpose, study under the stairs will be an excellent solution. The photo shows the options of such design of the space under the stairs.
This room will provide a comfortable atmosphere for more effective work, and the ability not to disturb other family members. Small in-built desk, computer or latptop, wall lamp and comfortable armchair is everything you need.

Lavatory under the stairs

Perhaps, arrangement of lavatory under the stairs is the most inefficient use of such free space. However, if the house owners decided to equip it in this way, it is better to use the services of experienced plumbers. However, you should prepare yourself for the possibility that it will cost a lot, while the installation of ventilation system and small area of the room can cause much inconvenience in future.

Shelves under the stairs

When using the space under the stairs, it is important to decide whether you equip them with shelves or drawers. Designers agree that scattered drawers and shelves will create a sense of lack of taste and chaos. There you can store different small things, tableware, clothes, wine collection, instruments, etc. Small greenhouse will look original (it is important to choose the plants that don’t require much light and fresh air). Multicolored shelves will be a kind of zest of design (you can find the pictures of these shelves on the web; they are easy to make with your own hands).

Kitchen under the stairs


Kitchen under the stairs

If you decided to arrange a small kitchen under the stairs, you should consider a crucial point. Since one can’t do without gas in the kitchen, and connecting the stove is quite problematic, you can install a few electric ovens and conduct ventilation. Kitchen under the stairs is quite possible (look at the photo), but its arrangement is very troublesome.
The simplest option is a small kitchen corner for tea or a small bar where you can have a good time over a cup of tea or glass of wine.

Space under the stairs and in the living room

Often, modern cottages are designed in such a way that the stairs go straight into the living room (which means that you don’t have enough free space). In this case, you can use the space under the stairs for:

  • TV;
  • fireplace;
  • shelf;
  • armchair or small sofa;
  • amateur photo studio.

TV under the stairs

Best option is the free space for the TV or small home theater. It will fit perfectly into the interior. With small children living in the house, TV will remain safe and sound if you install the door to the small room under the stairs.

Fireplace under the stairs


Fireplace under the stairs

Fireplace under the stairs is a very comfortable and practical way to fill the free space. It will serve as an excellent addition to the recreation area (along with a cozy armchair and a bookshelf) and will be safe for the family members. Besides, it will decorate the room and make its design quite chic.

Shelf under the staircase


Shelf under the staircase

Collectors and fans of different small things prefer building shelf under the staircase, where they can place vases, African or theatrical masks, statuettes and other interesting souvenirs (as well as the photos you hold dear). Bibliophiles can arrange a small library that will take its place of honor on the shelf.

Armchair or small sofa under the stairs


Armchair or small sofa under the stairs

From time to time, many people want to be alone. However, it is difficult to feel calm being in the middle of a large room. Meanwhile, cozy armchair or original small sofa under the stairs will create a relaxing atmosphere. There you can read a book, drink tea or just close your eyes and daydream.

Use of space under the stairs at the cottage

Space under the stairs in the country house might come in handy for storing different things:

  • fertilizers;
  • garden tools;
  • work clothes;
  • building materials.

You can also arrange a small kitchen and bathroom unit in the enclosure under the stairs. It will be very useful, as country houses are usually smaller than any country houses or cottages. In this case, you can choose any decoration and design.
Space under the stairs can be decorated in any convenient and aesthetic way. It depends only one the imagination of the designer or house owner and the funds you may need for its arrangement under any type of stairs.

How do you use the space under the stairs? Tell us in the comments!