Functional dominant of the facade – wooden porch – must be effective, durable and comfortable. Finishing and decorative elements will help you create an original construction.

Materials for the ladder

It is recommendable to choose the material taking into account the architectural and compositional solution of the building exterior – roof, facade, windows and walls. Design-project can be ordered even by several photos from different angles.
Wooden porch can be combined (concrete/stone as a base and wood as a decoration). Such construction will not only serve for decades, but also please your eyes with a luxury of natural wood.

You can choose from the following materials:

  • Wood. Pre-processed hardwoods (impregnation, paint, mastic and drying oil) will make the private house comfortable.
  • Concrete. Practical material can take on any shape due to the formworks and armature. Concrete foundation for the porch is necessary to protect it from cracks and splitting.
  • Brick. Durable brick will allow you to create a composition of any size and complexity, while the simplicity of laying and variety of finishing make the brick porch the best option for the limited budget.
  • Metal. Forged elements and welded frame give the impression of light and delicate work, though such construction is very stable and reliable. To make the metal more resistant to the external factors, you should make a preliminary treatment (anticorrosive coating).

Decoration and functional elements of the porch

Railing, balusters, ladder and other details are necessary only for decorating the exterior of the private house (they can be made on the basis of the picture or drawing). Carved, forged and natural stone-like elements will make the construction look exclusive but will not affect its resistance to the weather factors.

The main functional element is visor (roof) that protects the adjacent area from precipitation. You can find and buy the finished option in the catalog or make it with your own hands. Semi-circular form is considered traditional and universal.

Wooden porch needs this protection so that the material doesn’t crack and rot. Porch, visor and wooden ladder will create the integral ensemble that will fit into the exterior of you house or cottage.

Finishing of the building is of paramount importance – same materials or uniform color scheme of the porch and facades highlight the uniform design.

Safe porch

Finishing materials and decoration of the wooden porch must be chosen taking into account the security concerns: design-project based on the photo usually doesn’t consider these factors.

Open area always condenses moisture. Therefore, the steps must have not only the protective coating or wood impregnation, but also the rubber pads (anti-slipping). Nozzles and corners will protect you from slipping while walking; however, they will not remove the puddles from the porch.

Glazed porch also requires either extra precautions in use or a special protective film.

Choosing the materials, you should take into account not only the climatic conditions, but also possible weather factors – strong wind, thunderstorms, heavy rains and drought.

Some materials (triplex and plexiglass) are characterized by impact strength. Thus, if you have a small child or a pet, you should glaze the porch with the practical and shatterproof polymers.

Design of the porch

Structural features largely depend on the realization of element of the main building. When planning the extensions or terrace (especially the project from the photo), you should consider the following factors:

  1. Design. You should choose the types of guardrails and handrails (forged, carved), sheds, visors or glazing considering the architectural features of the main building.
  2.  Foundation. It can be common in case of private dwellings or separate – for summer or seasonal cottages. The choice of materials for supports depend on the purpose and management of the building. Concrete is considered one of the most durable materials, but the perfect option for the summer cottages will be the pile foundation with stone pillars.
  3. Ladders. When building the steps for the wooden porch, you should choose hardwoods, but not the pine tree. Ladders and visors must be waterproof. However, they are much more prone to wear and tear. Specialists recommend using oak or larch for building steps and railings.
  4. Type of porch. When designing the porch for the private house from the photo, it is essential to consider its functional load, defined by the structural elements. Open areas fit for the summer vacation, while the combined versions with fencing perform the protective and decorative functions, the closed porch provides protection against noise and cold.

The photos of finished extensions will help you develop the unique design of the structure, made at different times of the year. They demonstrate strengths and weaknesses of every finishing option.

Difficult choice of construction and finishing materials for the wooden porch will confuse many people wishing to buy this functional and architectural element. Your advice and comments will help us make this material more informative and useful.

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