DIY cupboard under the stairs. It is necessary to define the design and purpose of the cabinet in advance and make a choice. Options may vary depending on the size and type of the staircase:

  1. Closed wardrobe.
  2. Sliding wardrobe.
  3. Shoe cabinets (they are usually installed in the hallway).
  4. Tool cabinets (which can be also used for the storage of other things).

If there is a lot of space under the stairs, you can choose a large structure and save books and other decoration items there.

What systems are practical and convenient?

We can highlight the following systems:

  1. Large structures with sliding doors. Such cabinets are used for storing the warm clothes and shoes. Choose this type if you have enough space for storing such things.
  2. If the staircase is located in the living room, you can build a wardrobe with the transparent glass doors, mount the lighting and install the decoration items (books, plates, cups and other dishes).
  3. Sliding wardrobe with closed doors. Additional accessories (for example, mirror, patterns, stained-glass windows, or multi-colored film) can be used for the door decoration. Such structure will add charm to the environment.
  4. Open structure with shelves. This is a good fit if you don’t have enough space under the stairs. Such structure will visually increase the room area. Most often, books are stored in this structure, making a small library.
  5. Retractable structure with an in-built Cargo mechanism. These are the newest cabinets that have recently appeared on the market. They perfectly follow the contour of the staircase and are well suited for storing the household items that don’t fit in a common wardrobe (for example, bicycle, cleaning items, sports equipment, fishing rods and weapons).

There are different ideas of cabinet installation. Everything depends on the fantasy and room area. However, you need to choose the high-quality material and make all the markings in advance. The latter are especially important in order to choose the structure that will serve for a long time.

What you should take into account before installation

Working on the design of the structure, you should remember that over time, it will store more and more things. Therefore, you shouldn’t install a certain number of shelves or drawers. If the budget allows it, you should equip all the free space, up to a few centimeters.

Note! A wall or a staircase itself can serve as a base that will hold the shelves or stands. However, you shouldn’t consider the cladding materials (such as drywall), as they aren’t strong enough to support the weight of the structure and all objects on it.

Almost all cabinets have doors. Therefore, you should pay special attention to the mechanism of their opening. To date, there are two types of retractable systems installed in the modern wardrobes: monorail and frame. Both of them have their benefits and drawbacks. The choice of retractable system will depend on the weight and size of the structure, as well as the load and frequency of its use. Besides, now you can buy aluminum or steel profiles. This will depend on the owner’s budget, as well as strength requirements.

Note! It is necessary to resolve the issue with the door wheels in advance. Experts think that the best option will be the high-quality metal wheels or those made of special material coated with Teflon. However, you shouldn’t choose plastic, as such wheels wear off quickly, and their service life may be no more than several months. The size of sliding doors will be about 1 m to facilitate the use of furniture and increase its service life.

If you plan to install the construction in the hall or hallway, mirrored wardrobe will be a good fit. Sliding wardrobe with different images on photographic materials will also look good. To make the design look even more beautiful, you can put multi-colored glass on the door or decorate them with beautiful patterns, drawings or abstractions. You can also add a matte finish.