The attic is now in fashion: the space under the roof is quite able to turn into a cozy bedroom or a comfortable area for relaxation, reading and reflection. In addition, due to the compact planning, it does not require large material costs to finish the attic, so the interior will cost not too expensive. However, we should not forget about the most important – how to equip the entrance to the attic. When designing a house, access to the attic is one of the important aspects of construction, and most of the attic stairs are done with their own hands.

staircase to the attic


The style and the harmony of light marches

Due to the diversity of materials and possibilities to implement the boldest design fantasies the stairs to the loft today don’t seem as mandatory, but a bulky and clumsy element that adds interior disharmony. The photo shows that high-quality, compact, elegant stairs, decorated by the overall design of the room, can become an integral and attractive part of the home.

Thanks to the below photo of the attic stairs, you can see that they can be lightweight, compact and, of course, beautiful. The original decoration of railings and stairs will make the stairs to the upper floor a real “highlight,” an indicator of taste and style owners. However, even the space under it can be useful: it can easily be adapted for the storage of prams or toys or set up there for an outdoor houseplant, and you can even build the pantry with their hands under two-marching volume designs.


The types of attic stairs

It is not difficult to arrange a passage on the floor under the roof with great taste and invention: the device of the attic stairs involves the use of strong but diverse designs and unexpected combinations of materials. Depending on the location and principle of the construction of the frame, we can distinguish the following types of ladders:


Exterior stairs

It is a great option for those who wish to save some area inside the house, as well as for those living in attic constantly. Made of metal and wood with delicate lace railings (they make up a large part of the price when ordering) outer attic design does not spoil the exterior of the house: on the contrary, will give it a dressy European look. The only disadvantage of this method of transition to the top is the need for regular anti-corrosion treatment and painting of metal with their hands and the urgent need for the laying of anti-slip coating on the steps.



Folding ladders

For example, company Fakro: the most compact version of the ladder to the loft. They are especially convenient for small cozy houses where the rational organization of space and the ergonomic layout is a priority. Rungs can be round or flattened, and railings usually trim a tree or installing a special rubberized insert – in this case, the ascent and descent can be much safer. As a rule, the folding attic stairs from Fakro and other manufacturers are attached directly to the hatch and have 2-3 addition. Because they look very sporty and the rise in the floor on them requires some skill, they are particularly fond of teenagers.


Screw stairs

Many people mistakenly believe that screw the frame is too cumbersome, therefore, can only be installed in a spacious room, and is more suited for the transition to the second floor, not in a small room under the roof. The below photo of the stairs to the loft shows that having good spatial thinking, it is possible to build compact and stylish transition which does not create any discomfort when moving around the first floor. During the manufacture of this design with your own hands, it is recommended to pay attention to winder treads: they should ensure its sustainability. The price for these frames is usually not the highest.


Direct marching

It is believed that these stairs also occupy a lot of space, so placing them in a small space is unwise. But if you make the width of the span not more than 85-90 cm, they take quite a bit of space. Also, due to proper planning of stairs to the loft, you can build a double transition, which is especially handy if you have children, and the price structure will be much cheaper.

Compact foldable ladders from Fakro, thorough external or graceful spiral ones – choice of frame and the design of stairs shall depend on the room dimensions, layout, and personal preferences. The important thing is reliability, installation, and ease of movement for all family members. Only in this case, we can talk about what stairs are made to last.


Should you do it yourself or trust the professionals?

Construction or rearrangement of his house is quite expensive. So, many people try to do most of the work with their own hands to save money. Yes, and the photo may seem that it is not difficult. However, it is dangerous to install staircases at the lack of basic knowledge and skills, and in this case, it is necessary to order the design, manufacture, and installation of competent professionals. It may seem that prices are on the attic stairs are high, but it doesn’t worth risking the health and safety of your own family.
Supporters of intelligent saving should pay attention to the ladders from Fakro Company for home and street. It is a leading manufacturer of such structures in Europe. Buyers are offered a fairly wide selection of frames from high-quality pine or refractory metal securely fastened to the included insulated hatch, and the three – or four-section addition Fakro (pictured right) allows you to quickly set a folding ladder that does not occupy much space on the ground floor and does not affect the layout. The affordable price makes the acquisition of design possible even on a limited budget.

Buyers of Fakro attic ladders often are young people or families without young children: climbing steep rounded stairs for kids are very dangerous. Therefore, parents of a child under 5 years of age should be approached with extreme caution to the choice of design.
Those who have certain knowledge in the construction and decoration surely will want to know something else: is it possible to construct and install a roof ladder with your hands and at what price should you do it? In principle, this is possible. However, if you experience the slightest difficulty in the process of design, manufacture, or installation of all, then it is better to seek help from professionals or order a foldable design Fakro. Sure, you can suggest carefully checking all the calculations and the reliability of the installation. Although the photos of the drawings can be found online, but don’t rely on: every project is different.


Calculations and design

Those who have decided to do the stairs to the loft with their hands – the task is doable, you should deal with the following nuances:

The choice of material

For beginners, it is advisable to try the manufacture of the wooden ladder: no matter how elegant and delicate a metal frame may seem, its installation will require a lot of time. In addition, you will need the skills to work with a welding machine that can also cause some difficulties. Therefore, the metal is more suitable for stairs to the loft from the street: at home, it is better to give preference to the more easy and pliable in the work wood.


The choice of design

Screw for the novice master may seem too complicated, so you can try to install one or two of the main design with the rotary platform with 90 or 180 degrees.

Mounting the steps. Wooden stairs will do with the bow, the stringers or rails (special wall bolts), and the open strings are considered to be the most convenient for mounting, pins and strings are the most reliable.


Calculation of main sizes

You first need to calculate the width of the span, the height of the march, the width of the tread, and height of the riser. Optimal dimensions in this case are:

  • for the span – 80-100 cm;
  • tread – 23-32 cm (ideally, the feet should be placed completely on the step);
  • height of the riser – 15-19 cm;
  • the slope of the ladder 20 to 45° (if there are elderly people and children, the slant should be less).

Masters, knowing how to make a ladder to the loft, recommend to pay attention to the number of stages: for many it seems a trivial point, but actually it better, if their number is odd. In this case, stepping the stairs will be much easier, which is especially important for children and the elderly.

Fabrication and installation

For mounting and manufacturing straight stairs, you need to:

  1. Wood beams for the stringers, facing the stairs, finishing of railings and handrails.
  2. If necessary the metal bars to strengthen the stringers.
  3. The power drill.
  4. Circular saw.
  5. Level (bubble or laser).

The need for other tools and materials is individual and depends on the type of ladder you want to make.

Before the construction, the wooden blanks must be allowed to Mature for at least three days. Depending on the temperature and humidity of the wood drying and shrinking or swell, and hasty construction, there is a risk that design sooner or later will lead and it will have to change. In this case, the price ladder to the loft would be prohibitive.

Work is performed in the following sequence:

  • The eruption of the hatch to the size of the stairs – it is necessary to use a circular saw.
  • Making the stringers (to save time, you can order them: in this case, the ladder to the loft with your own hands will be much more reliable).
  • Handling the stringers (sanding and polishing).
  • Installation of wall stringer with the help of rails.
  • Installation of the second stringer to the ceiling and the floor is strictly parallel to the wall (use a level in this case!).
  • Installation of risers.
  • Fixing steps.
  • Installation of railings and handrails for stairs.

After completion of each stage of work, it is necessary to conduct measurements of the angles of the fixture and check the reliability of the installation.

Under the condition of proper design and implementation of installation and finishing works, the staircase fits perfectly into the interior of the house with attic and provides the reliability and convenience of movement for the whole family.