Stairs are a particularly important element in the design and construction of high-rise buildings or office buildings. Stairs of outdoor type are made of high-strength metal, with extra railings for support when moving and the movement of people. All landings are strictly the requirements of the state and international standards of fire safety.

Types of escape ladders

Exterior stairs of evacuation type are designed for fast movement of a large flow of people. Special portable is used for high-speed access to the hearth fire of firefighters or specially trained personnel. On this basis, stairs are divided into:

  • Portable type.
  • Stationary type.

Fixed ladders, in turn, are subdivided into two subspecies: vertical fire and marching.

The outside stairs are better because they save interior space and allow its use in more profitable purposes. However, removal from the structure causes some commitment to the preservation of the material, as well as avoiding damage and the damage of the opening.

Materials for stair projects

Often exterior stairs are made of metal. This is due to the high strength of the material and resistance to external influences and weather elements. Stairs of metal type are durable; its design consists of a molded surface. Installation is made at the outside wall of the building with a tightly secured base. Metallic slopes may be equipped with additional venues on every floor or to have a simple move on the roof or attic.
It is important to note that the wrought-iron staircase looks more attractive and visually outline the structure, adding a home of elegance and aristocratic style. Forged elements of the exterior stairs feature more often in luxury apartments where you want to create luxury and safety.

Stairway and its types

Marching is the most common for buildings of residential projects in high-rise buildings. External enclosures are easy to design and have minimal requirements in development. Their peculiarity is that they can withstand heavy loads.
Depending on the classification of the main exterior, stairs can be divided into:

  • straight design;
  • corner sample;
  • 1 – or 2-marching;
  • angled stair.

Width of stairs shall depend on the filling of floors and internal capacity building. The descent should be comfortable and not restrict movement.

Street staircase of spiral sample

The outdoor spiral staircase is an attractive and sophisticated architectural element. They gracefully beautify the structure and add extraordinary charm. Requirements for creating a spiral descent are not different from the metal. The price of such development is significantly higher, but the beauty created around the house fully justifies the costs.
Screw emergency descents are often decorated with villas or expensive hotels. The estate is decorated for such a project, looks elegant and unique.
According to the direction of the march, spiral staircases are divided into:

  1. Front staircase, often located perpendicular to the building facade.
  2. Profile staircase visually forms a perpendicular with the front side of the building.
  3. A hybrid option is developed by the designer according to the wishes of the customer or the designer.

It doesn’t matter what type and kind you expect to create; safety requirements must be taken into account. Evacuation of venues and slopes must be placed for the spacious movement of people.
And what type would you choose? Do you agree with the fact that emergency descents are not only fire safety but the beauty of the built design? Share your opinion with readers of the site.