spiral staircase inside house ideas
Spiral staircases

Exquisite spiral staircases

A spiral staircase is one of the oldest configurations of the steps. Its undeniable advantage is that it requires a minimum of space. The price of this design in comparison with the main counterparts remains more affordable. It can be installed both as internal and as external. We will consider design features of such facilities and the price of a spiral staircase.

Where are screw designs appropriate?

spiral staircase old house
spiral staircase old house

The spiral staircase is mainly perfect for small spaces, as they allow you to save a lot of space. They are especially convenient for the construction or technical support spans. In addition, they are able to visually add height to the ceilings. They can be set as the center of the room, and close to a wall, as pictured to the right.

Due to its aesthetics and originality swivel design, it has a number of features. They are not as convenient as the main counterparts, and it can be problematic for the elderly or children to climb to the second floor. When placing spiral stairs in the house, you should also consider the need to lift furniture and other large items. Taking them up stairs with a turn is time-consuming, so such structures are recommended as additional.

Possible variants of structures

Steps of half-spiral models are mounted to the wall
Steps of half-spiral models are mounted to the wall

Before selecting the screw design for the house you find out what types are available on the market. Stairs can be fixed with one of the following ways:

  • mounted to a supporting stand and perimeter walls;
  • installation in a control desk console without perimeter walls;
  • no support post, the ends of the treads are fixed in the curved stringers.
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The second option, made of metal, is often used in construction. The price of the ladder of simple construction will be more affordable. As a stand, you should use a metal tube with thick walls. Its stairs will be in the form of a console; this does not need perimeter walls. Racks can be made of another material.
The products of the first type are characterized by wedge-shaped steps, the narrow end of which is mounted in support pillar, and the wide one relies on perimeter wall. The thickened ends of the treads can play the role of the central support. When building the circular structures, the presence of risers is not foreseen. This is due to the fact that winder treads have a depth along the mid-line (an example of winder treads is in the photo below).
The models that do not have a support pillar in the center and resting on the bowstring, are very attractive. They are curved in a spiral. However, this configuration is characterized by a complexity of manufacturing, and the cost will be higher. An example of this design is in the bottom photo.


The differences in the mounting steps and device support post

If the inner side of the stage is attached to the support post, then the outside fixation is carried out with:

  • rails;
  • bowstring;
  • combined system.

Rails are spacers that are installed on the outside of the steps. They provide a secure fit, but the screw design looks airy. The bow is a curved metal or wooden strip which holds the outer ends of the steps. It can act simultaneously as the fence.

An interesting design solution is the spiral stringer which frames the inner ends of the steps and performs the function of the support post.

There are often models, the steps of which are mounted on the stringer, as in the photo on the right below. The stringer is bearing beam which supports the tread on the bottom. Mount to walls is more reliable. It is performed by the preformed grooves or by installation of special pads. This option is possible only in the case when the structure is positioned in the corner of the room. Narrow side of the stage is fixed to the central support.
The device of the central bearing element can be different. There are two types of support stands:

  1. solid;
  2. patterned (photo is above).
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The stages are joined to whole racks by welding or special brackets. As an option the metal pillar is welded with beams, or console, which is the basis for the treads. Patterned racks are separate, metal, prefabricated fragments, between which the steps are mounted. In the end, the whole construction is obtained, and its cost is affordable. Its installation is performed without the involvement of installers.

photo spiral ladder ideas
photo spiral ladder ideas

What determines the outlines of the design?

Spiral staircases perform many different shapes. Round options are well spread. There are also square and polygonal models. A major role in determining the shape of the structure plays its whereabouts.

Round shape is preferable for centrally located structures of the. Square or octagonal variations are mounted around the walls. It should be noted that this configuration provides additional space savings.

The advantage of the square aperture to the circular steps it that its finishing is much easier. It is important to consider when constructing it with your own hands. A round aperture will require curved elements for decoration. Facing beam is made of veneer. You will need stops and metal arc to give it a bend. The finished product is mounted in the opening, is fixed with corner plates and is made plinths.

Pricing products

cheap spiral ladders ideas
cheap spiral ladders ideas

The starting price for cheap ladders made of metal or wood of conifers, is about 30-40 thousand rubles. Calculating the cost for a spiral design, you should take into account the fasteners. Their choice is closely linked to the total dimensions of the product. As a result the price is formed depending on:

  • cost of materials;
  • design features;
  • size;
  • decorative design.
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The cost is greatly influenced by the selected materials and decorative elements. If the price of products made of pine is still available, then screw-down model with steps made of oak wood will cost at least 5 times more expensive. The design is carried out with the materials, the cost of which is above. These include natural stone and glass. Of course, the cost of construction with a similar decoration is also increased.

Some tips on installation

If you want the stairs to be the most convenient, it is worth considering the following advice from professionals and set standards:

  • On the middle line the minimum depth of treads should be 200 mm.
  • Steps without risers are used for screw and half-screw structures.
  • The minimum diameter of the support post is 50 mm.
  • The dispersion between the turns must not be less than 2 meters.

Screw design can be matched to virtually any interior. The room is decorated in country style, suitable three-dimensional wooden structure. Whereas a neat metal staircase will be harmonious for the direction of modern. A variety of models with a wider price range allows you to make the best choice. Leave a comment with interesting tips for choosing and installing a spiral staircase to the second floor and in other areas of the house.

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