In the two-story houses (and even apartments), staircase is not just a whim, but a necessity. It is used to get to the second floor and come downstairs. And if the staircase is original and modern, it can become the main adornment of the premises and the unusual element of decoration in the room. Such as the stairs with the glass steps.

Features of stairs with glass steps

Stairs with glass elements have come into use not long ago. It may seem to you that such structure is fragile and unreliable. But in fact, the steps made of this material (as well as all the other glass details) are durable and safe. All because every element of construction is made not of the common window glass, but of the high-quality glass, obtained through special treatments and new technologies.

Stairs with the glass steps have some positive features:

  • modernity and originality of construction will become the room decoration regardless of interior style;
  • the strength of steps is not inferior to that of the other materials;
  • at first sight, the glass for the steps may seem slippery (and therefore unsafe). But thanks to the invisible loose layer of film, every step will be safe for walking;
  • glass elements easily transmit sunlight, which is why the room looks lighter;
  • buildings with the steps from high-quality glass look rich.

The glass used for building steps is considered an eco-friendly material. The harmful substances that cause allergic reactions are not released during its operation.

What types of glass are used for manufacturing the glass steps for the stairs?

To make the staircase serve as long as possible, steps should be made of the following types of glass:

  • Bend glass. Bending technology gives an unusual shape to the material. At first, the glass is heated by special equipment, and then given a necessary shape. Glass sheet is placed in the oven in a special form. When heated to 650 degrees, the glass soften and takes the shape of blank. This process can last from 2 to 20 hours (it depends on the width of the glass used and the curves you want to receive in the result). After getting the desired shape, the glass must be cooled. This process significantly increases the strength of material.
    You can get the high-quality bend glass only if all phases of procedure were performed strictly according to the rules. If the technology is disrupted, the glass quality will be low.
  • Triplex. This is a safe and durable multi-layer glass. Therefore, triplex steps will be safe and strong. Triplex is made in one of the following ways, each of which can be used as a material for the steps:
  1. Film method. Two layers of glass are interconnected by means of special polymer film;
  2. Filling method. Triplex consists of glass sheets, interconnected by special adhesive liquid.

Three-layer triplex is used for building the steps. This material provides high safety when moving up and down the stairs and makes the whole construction safe and durable. The steps made of this glass withstand heavy loads. And if the glass detail will be damaged, it won’t leave the sharp piece. It will just fall off without harming the humans.

  • Tempered glass. This type of metal for making steps is 6-18 mm wide. Therefore, stair construction with such durable steps can withstand heavy loads. To get the tempered glass, common glass sheet undergoes special treatment. In the process of tempering, the glass is heated to the temperature of a little less than 700 degrees. After evenly distributing the cold air from two sides of glass sheet, it is cooled. Final compressive stress, whose formation occurs in the upper layers of the glass, becomes the result of a simple tempering. Such process is aimed at improving the following characteristics of the glass:
  1. durability;
  2. heat resistance;
  3. resistance to mechanical damages.

Tempered glass is safe as it is hard to break. In case of a strong blow, the glass will fall off in the form of small pieces, which won’t fly in all directions. However, this high-quality material has its vulnerable sports. Upon impact in the end part of the step of tempered glass, stair element will cover with a web of small cracks.

Options of stairs with the glass steps

Stair constructions are divided into several types according to the features of structure and appearance:

  • march stairs. This option is the most common today. March stairs with glass steps are made straight. They can have one or two marches (it depends on the number of storeys). The platform is located between every march, consisting of certain number of steps;
  • bolt staircase is a second most popular option of glass structure. Special mounting stands, on which the steps are fixed, can transform the room, making it lighter and more spacious. Climbing such stairs, you feel like floating in the air. But despite its lightness, the structure is quite safe and durable. The good thing about bolt stairs is that they don’t take much space and transmit light. To make the staircase with glass steps safer, it is fixed by means of handrails;
  • console construction is the most original option. It is attached to the wall only with one edge, while the other remains weightless. You get not only durable, but also effective product. The drawback of such staircase is that it isn’t equipped with railings;
  • winding. Such stairs are very space-effective, but you can move up and down the stairs with great caution, as the structures don’t have railings. The steps of such system and fixed in a spiral to the central core of the building.

Stairs with the glass steps will be much more reliable, if you add the fences to the construction. As glass blends in perfectly with other materials, handrails and protective systems can be as follows:

  1. wooden handrails. Combination of light transparent material with dark massive wood creates very unusual and attractive combo. Rough and delicate material complement each other. The whole structure will look stylishly and tastefully, if you use narrow bars (and not bulky racks) for support. Handrails with wooden elements will look neat and complement an overall picture of the structure. Transparent glass steps will look elegant against the wooden handrails, processed with dark stain;
  2.  stainless steel handrails and barrier elements. Combination of metal and glass is suitable for the modern interior. With this addition, the construction looks gentle and reserved;
  3. forged elements for the glass stairs. Glass steps and handrails made of darkened or matt glass together with the forged details will create amazing and stylish effect. The benefit of this tandem is that it will decorate not only classic but also modern interior;
  4. combined option. Metal, glass and wood can be used for the creation of one stair construction. In this case, the staircase will be even more durable.

Right care of the glass steps

Only regular and correct care of glass stair elements can extend its service life.

For wiping the steps, you will need the soft fabric or sponge that don’t leave hairs on the surface. The cleaning products must not contain alkali, which can scratch the glass.