It’s hard to argue with the assertion that you can do without a ladder in the house, at the cottage in the yard, or during repair work. These products are different, but the usual makeshift, wooden ladders are gradually and imperceptibly faded. If you need to work on roof, to tidy up the trees in the garden, as well as other activities related to the height, it is dangerous personally to use a heavy hand-made ladder. But, fortunately, there is an alternative: reliable, lightweight and mobile folding ladder.

Aluminum step-ladder


Multifunctional equipment

This innovative solution has become a boon for people of different professions and occupations. This product includes several options contained in one design, which is certainly very convenient. The scope of transforming the ladder is very wide:

  • maintenance and repair of roofing work;
  • washing windows outside;
  • facade works;
  • activities related with garden trees;
  • repairs of various types of complexity;
  • cleaning and finishing work inside the premises;
  • maintenance of communication systems.


The types and purpose of ladders

Ladders are divided into two groups: professional and consumer. The first characterized by the use of higher quality materials and the maximum height and load of individual link. Of course, the range of professional products and the potential use is much wider.

Professional stairs have a wide range of possibilities

Like a real life transformer, a folding ladder is capable of serving the following functions:

  • construction stage;
  • attic ladder;
  • side ladder;
  • stepladder;
  • retractable ladder.


The obvious advantages of the folding hinge structures

Articulated ladder is a multi-function device that has many advantages over other ladders:

  1. All functions in a single product. Various folding options allow you to use the ladder in different qualities.
  2. The quality and reliability. Hinge fasteners, nozzles against slippage of steps, provided with a corrugated structure, – all these important points greatly increase the safety index of folding ladders.
  3. Light weight. Aluminum parts, used in the manufacture of these products, maximally reduce the weight of the structure that does not affect its strength and functionality.
  4. Compact size. Since the product is folded, it can be easily placed in limited space in the trunk, the closet, under the bed or on the balcony.
  5. The ease of use. A simple and unpretentious design is suitable for elderly people, women and teenagers.
  6. Material. Transforming aluminum ladders are durable, lightweight, and that is very important when operating in the open air, not exposed to corrosion.

Safety, success and quality of repairs directly depend on the used inventory, so transforming the telescopic ladder is capable of becoming more than a good acquisition.


Popular models of ladder-transformers

When you choose such useful products, you should determine the purpose, frequency of use and choose the best option. The most popular models are:

  1. Telescopic ladder.
  2. Product 4×4 (406 ml).
  3. Folding ladder 4×6.

Company which is specialized in the manufacture of such products, offers its customers a wide range of products of excellent quality. Feedback about these stairs is very positive, so you should consider transforming products in more detail.

4-section ladder made of aluminum

Telescopic ladder

This model offers the convenience and compactness, as they are able to take a very compact position with considerable size when folded. Telescopic option is useful both during operation and during transport.

4×4 and 4×6: functionality and simplicity

Four-section product, united with the hinge mounts, has from 3 to 6 stages in one section, great for many types of work. It is important that it includes several working options( despite small weight and size):

  • form of the letter “L”: especially convenient when repairing, provides the maximum possible bilateral access to the necessary areas;
  • side ladder;
  • platform: functional during prolonged repairs, typically used with a special elongated nozzle used for greater strength and stability;
  • console version: installed at right angles to the wall surface;
  • pull-out model: it can be locked in any desired position.

We should say that the product unit 406 ML is made of reinforced aluminium profile and is particularly durable. Reviews about these products almost always are of positive orientation. It is important to remember that the warranty will not be valid in case of violations of the rules of operation, namely the use of ladders in the form of a bridge designed without nozzles or exceeding the permissible weight load.

Professional Ladders

The rules of choosing a folding ladder

Its mobility can be either an advantage and a disadvantage in case of wrong choice. If you want to use such a great helper as telescopic ladder or products of 4×4 or 4×6 for a long time and successfully, you should know some details.

The choice of telescopic ladders-transformer

First, you need to check the product for safety: reliability of connections and quality of the materials used, the possibility of slipping. These indicators influence the health of the owner, so do not neglect them. Secondly, you need to check its stability and visual geometric correctness of the form.

There should be the rubber tips on the legs of the ladder – this will not only avoid sliding but also will eliminate the possibility of damage to the flooring.


Professional aluminum ladders: differences

As a rule, products for professional use such as 4×4 and 4×6, are not only more durable and can withstand heavy loads, but, above all, are different by a multiplicity of different functions. For example, the load of steps of a professional folding product is much higher than of a household ladder, and this ladder can replace scaffolding, double-sided and retractable ladders. When selecting such products it is necessary to pay attention to such parameters as:

  • working height: these ladders have more sections and steps, increased strength and productive height;
  • durability: given the fact that the builders exploit the product on a daily basis, there are different requirements for the mounting connections of professional ladders – fittings are manufactured by forging, and the approach to the question of wear and tear is fundamentally different;
  • additional functions: there can be different types of feet (for the ground, on rollers or floating items); struts of different lengths for uneven surfaces; supports which increase the surface area, when working at a considerable height; means for fixing the working tools directly on the stairs.

It is worth noting that you can by an unprofessional ladder for household needs. If you plan a permanent repair work or painting work, then you should choose the professional version. In any case, the customer reviews on folding telescopic ladders made of aluminum are consistently positive.
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