Ornate stair railing is a worthy and original decoration of outdoor and indoor stairs. Forging is the oldest and the most durable way of decorating the staircase of any shape.

Features of forged railings

Due to its high aesthetical and practical characteristics, forging has firmly established in the household since Roman times. Stairs, balconies, terraces and simple recreation areas are separated from the main space of the yard, garden or house with an original border.

Features and benefits of such design option are cannot be overestimated:

  • Effective and elegant solutions for different styles of interior and exterior.
  • Metal is characterized by a very long service life, by far exceeding that of concrete and wood.
  • Wear resistance. These articles are difficult to break or damage. They are resistant to mechanical damage.
  • Frost resistance. The structure is resistant to temperature changes; it doesn’t lose its physical properties and characteristics.
  • Resistance to destruction. Forged structures, processed with special paints and covered with protective compositions effectively resist corrosion and rust.
  • Wide choice of shapes. Art forging allows you to make the elements for the staircase or balcony in various sizes and styles.

We suggest that you look at the photo and imagine the beautiful and elegant models that come from the blacksmith shops! The price of articles largely depends on the complexity of style, materials used and volumes.

How to make the balusters?

Black and forgeable metals are used to create the forged balusters for the stairs. Stainless steel and cast iron are especially popular among the masters and consumers. These raw materials shows unmatched aesthetic qualities and excellent operational parameters: it is resistant to rust/frost and plastic. They are perfect for decorating the stairs, balconies and gardens. In the photo, you can see the beauty and naturalness of wooden balusters!

Several technologies used for manufacturing the balusters make it possible to create such beautiful and complex models.

As a basis of every baluster, you should take round/profile pipe or square/round metal rod.

Hot forging

This technology implies the heating of metal to specific temperature, when the material is sensitive to mechanical influence. With this treatment, the basis transforms and changes shape. Such work is usually performed manually. Thus, its price is quite high through the pinpoint accuracy and exclusivity.

Cold forging

With this approach, metal base bends, flattens and twists without heating the metal. Special machines and grinder for cutting the pipe or rod are used during the work. Cold treatment is rarely done by hands. Its cost is a bit lower, which is why it is available to a wide range of consumers.


This is a creation of many similar models of forged details for the stairs or balconies on a special stamping machine or press. This technology provides low cost and absolute identity of every detail, which is especially important when designing a large space – hotels, country cottage and sanatorium.

When developing the pattern, feel free to use baskets, curls and patterns. You can draw the sketch on your own depending on your preferences. Let your imagination run wild, and your ideas will be no worse than design models than the examples presented in the photo!

The price of finished option depends on the efforts and complexity of pattern. Therefore, you can order cheap solutions for minimalistic design and luxury ideas in baroque style.


Style of railing

Elegance and beauty of every model is one of the main criteria in selecting of one or another structure. It is also important to choose the solution that will harmoniously fit into the interior and become a welcome complement (and not a white spot) to the decoration of premises or domestic setting. You will be offered several main directions of style for ease of selection:

  1. These are the classic plots that came to modernity from ancient Greece. In the photo, you can see the refinement and elegance of such ideas, characterized by soft lines, smoothness and aesthetics. Upward tendency and presence of geometric lines make antique elements perfect for the garden and classic interior. They usually have an accessible price.
  2. Art-deco. Bold combination of incompatible – soft silhouettes and broken angles, geometry and vanguard. This style allows you to achieve the fascinating picture and plot. It is quite difficult to fit into the classic interior; however, it is perfect for the decoration of staircase in the street or vanguard in the house.
  3. This is the most controversial style, striking with its luxury and expensiveness. There is a little demand for this style in forging. However, it still finds its fans.
  4. This direction involves high price, luxury, many details and curls. Manual work with many patterns, leaves, rosettes, flower baskets is perfect for the fans of elegance of the representative royal elegance. In the picture below, you can see one of the style options. Baroque is compatible with bronze and copper – warm shades of past centuries!
  5. If you’re looking for something bright and extraordinary, such style will be the best for you! Many crests, lines, fissures and colors, fighting with strict lines and standards, are embodied in unusual models, whose price is very high. However, it is fully paid off by the finished solution.
  6. Reminding of the grand cathedrals and castles, the lines of such elements will highlight the originality of your house. High narrow flights of stairs, spades and trefoils – everything reminds of the mysterious Middle Ages and brings us back to the age of knights and beautiful ladies.
  7. Minimalism in pure form – this style is simple, elegant and exquisite. If you’re looking for a safe railing for your house or garden, neoclassicism will be perfect for you.

Every direction implies appropriate environment. Therefore, the use of one of another element of other styles is undesirable. Forged railings for the balcony or staircase must be suitable and harmonious (see the photo above).

Don’t be afraid of experiments, but remember that forging is a quite specific and original type of activity. It requires caution! Let your imagination run wild and surround yourself with beautiful things in the style of your house!