Staircase was invented still in days of the first human settlements. Since then it has become an integral part of our life, and one of the most popular building constructions. Since ancient times, railings has been the main attribute of the stairs. Even before our era, many architects worked very hard to create the elegant, perfectly straight and beautiful products. They didn’t have modern instruments, but the architects managed to create real masterpieces using their sketches. In this article, we will show you the real masterpieces— old and modern forged railings.

Beauty and greatness: forged railings in the interior

It is enough to look at the photo to appreciate their beauty. They fit perfectly with any type of stairs regardless of their complexity: common straight, round or even spiral. Artistic forging is always aesthetic and beautiful. Besides, such railings are more reliable than the wooden models: metal provides safe use of the stairs and can withstand even heavy workload.

Railings can be made both manually and with the help of special machines. Of course, manual art forging is more time-consuming and qualitative, which is why it is appreciated much higher than the machine work. If you want to see this for yourself, find the photos of the products made by manual and machine forging. The difference is obvious.

Usually, the customer is offered the ready-made sketches. However, you can also propose your own original option. You can decide on the unusual decoration of the stairs, while the task of master is to realize your idea.

By ice or by fire?

There are two ways of manufacturing the forged railings for the stairs: hot and cold forging.
In the former, the metal is heated and given the desired shape. Steel is usually used for this purpose. As a result, you will get safe and original railings.

During the cold forging, metal is not heated; it shape is changed by means of bending and using grinder. Later, the elements are interconnected through welding. The price of products made by means of cold bending is lower, but they don’t look so neat.

You should submit the sketch to the master in advance so that he understands what he can forge entirely (and what separately) and then weld to the structure.

What are forged railings made of?

As mentioned above, main material for building the frame is steel. However, various decorative elements can be made from the other materials, which aren’t so durable but more processable.
Artistic elements can be made of:

  • titanium;
  • aluminum;
  • copper;
  • brass;
  • bronze.

Sometimes, forged railings are finished with the following materials: granite, marble, natural stone or wood.
To assess how aesthetic one or another material looks in combination with steel, look at the photo. The companies involved in the manufacturing of forged products provide photos so that the customer clearly understands how the forged railings will turn out.

What patterns to choose?

Forged railings are always beautiful, but make sure they don’t look too bulky.
For the complicated stairs that are difficult to combine with a symmetrical pattern, you should use the common straight bars with a curl pattern, overlapped separately.

If you’re going to install the forged railings for the entrance stairs, you should invite the designer. He/she will choose an original pattern that will fit perfectly with your house. Outdoor railings must be performed especially carefully, as they are the face of your house.

For the spacious and high front doors, you should use the complicated drawing with many patterns. At a client’s request, the masters can make everything possible that the separate elements create a uniform picture. Elegance and expressiveness of such details is achieved through openwork. Artistic forged railings look especially good in sunny time, when their shadow falls on the ground in a complicated drawing. You should take a photo of this beauty.
If the amount of free space is limited, you should make a pattern as small as possible. Complicated railing patterns will create a sense of lightness, airiness and cheer you up at any time of the year.

For the balcony, you require especially durable forged railings, as their main purpose is to prevent falling. What matters more is not the pattern but the way of installation of the railings. The pattern is fastened with the aid of electric-arc welding, and then trimmed and closed with a decorative strip. There is a wide range of patterns: all you need is to choose the best.

Art workshops will make everything that their sketch will be to your taste, blend in with the environment and delight your eye every day. Before choosing any pattern, you should carefully examine the photos and access how good will the product look.

What is the price of decorating the stairs with the forged railings?

The price directly depends on the method of manufacture of the railings, as well as the complexity of sketch and its separate elements.
The cheapest products are those made by means of cold bending with maximally simple pattern. The elements of such railings are cold bent, and then welded.

The railings made of elements of machine forging will be a bit more expensive. Such pattern is not exclusive; however, it is quite sophisticated and unusual. The price/quality ratio is optimal.

The most expensive option is hand forging. Handwork is always valued more, as it has the highest quality. Besides, no one else will have such welded railings. The pattern can include the elements created by machines, but for the most part, the product will be manufactured by the professional blacksmiths. Therefore, its price will also be higher.

Choosing or creating the sketch, don’t forget that the more intense the drawing and its elements, the more complicated it is to make the railings (therefore, the price will increase as well). On the other hand, arrangement of comfort and beauty of the house is not the thing you should save on. It is better to save funds and buy the high-quality forged handrails and railings.

If you want to discuss the price of forged stair railings, their pros and cons and share your knowledge, leave the comments to the article. Your messages will not go unnoticed.