Home improvement requires addressing the pressing issue–access to the attic rooms. The compact extension loft ladder allows you to save a usable space and don’t clutter the room. To get access to the attic room, you need a whole structure with a hatch, mechanisms, and ladder. Top hatch with the ladder can be installed in the room of any size– a small corridor or a great hall.

Design features of loft ladder

The variety of forms and sizes of loft ladders allows you to choose the model, suitable for the particular interior; the pictures in the catalogs are necessary to demonstrate the working principle and the appearance of hatches.

The useful features of hatches include:
1. Ergonomics and comfort. The folding or extensible structure doesn’t take much space in the room or hall and provides fast access to the attic.

2. High level of sound absorption and warm insulation. When installing the trapdoor, the upper premises must not be heated, as the structure of its hatch provides the maintenance of comfortable temperature.

3. Neat look. When assembled, the staircase fits in the trap, and the trapdoor itself is almost invisible.
You can make sure of the indispensability and practicality of extension ladders and hatches looking at the picture; the photos allow to appreciate the functionality and exterior of the structure.

The main disadvantages of hatches include relatively high cost of purchase and installation, and the need to care for the extension or folding ladder.

Ceilings above the stairs

The task of room design can be solved in different ways (both budget and complex options).
The floor coating is essential in defining the possible variants of organization of space over the ceilings– paints, photo wallpapers or stucco – the hatch must not go out of the general concept. You should also consider the material of steps– laminate for the staircases makes the structure both practical and aesthetic.

The hall ceiling can be multi-level and figure and have several lighting sources (the pictures give an idea of the differences between the day and evening light). In the other premises, the free space over the staircase can be used as a repository.

The simplest and the most comfortable option for the attic stairs is the hidden trap door (the house owners will remember it only when necessary), and the right color and texture of the surface can be chosen according to the color of the ceiling.

Speaking of the ceiling hole over the extensible staircase construction, we can consider the following methods of implementation:

• With the locking mechanism. The manufacturers offer different options, which can be grouped into a mechanic or electric models. The hatches usually come complete with the ladder construction and fully comply with their size.

• Bolted. Some conveniences that can be caused by the use of such hatches are more than offset by the ease of their implantation. The hand-made extension ladder will cost times cheaper and have the perfect childproof lock; the pictures of ready constructions will help you to create painting and lid with your own hands.

The right choice of place plays the leading role in mounting the hatch. In most cases, you can choose the finished product by the picture of the premises where you’re going to install them. In combination with the careful calculation, such mounting allows you to maintain the microclimate of premises and make the trip up and down the stairs maximally comfortable and safe.

Your recommendation can help us make the house comfortable, and the feedback about the operational characteristics and care will complete your article with practical advice.