Today, there are many different versions of staircase constructions. If the staircase is made of mixture of different materials and textures, it will look unusual, unconventionally, very original and expensive.

Meet the novelties

Railings are very important components of the stairs. They can turn the staircase into a real masterpiece. We suggest that you take a look at the most beautiful and elegant glass railings. Today, you can rarely find the premises with the glass railings. Therefore, installation of such railings will help any premises, trade or entertainment organization to stand out against their competitors. Glass stairs give the sense of luxury and impeccable taste to the house. Your house will be exclusive, individual and unique.

If you have ever seen the stairs with glass railings, you’ve probably felt an incredible atmosphere. Perhaps, you considered them were very fragile and thought that they would cover with chips very quickly. However, glass railings are as strong as the handrails made of other materials. The glass is processed in a special way, so it will seem pristine for a long time. It can be used to lean on and even go down (as in the childhood). Glass railings fit perfectly with the world full of clubs, entertainment centers and restaurants. On one hand, they don’t draw attention, and on the other, they compile the image of the premises. Glass railings blend perfectly in the image of the multi-million city. Glass railings add light and space to the small premises.

Companions for the glass railings

Glass is a very self-contained material. However, it can be combined with other materials that can stress all virtues of the glass.

  • First of all, we should mention stainless steel. Stainless steel is frequently used as a companion for the glass, as they harmonize witch each other. Glass and steel are very light, minimalistic and flying. Together they create a beautiful and compositionally easy structure.
  • Wood. Wood and glass are two contrast materials. Glass is thin and subtle. As first it seems that it won’t harmonize with heavy, lumpy and sophisticated wood. But in fact, if you mix wood and glass carefully, it will be an excellent combination. In this case, you should choose the wood with minimum thickness and right shape. Glass will look especially elegant and artistic together with the handrail processed with stain. As a result, you will get a beautiful contrast of transparent glass and thin and dark noble wood.
  • Forged elements. Nowadays, forging is a very popular and relevant method of expressing the object. However, it seems that forging can’t be combined with the glass — and indeed, classic transparent glass doesn’t fit with forged material. But if we replace classic glass with a color or darkened one (or even mosaics), this pair will create a real furor. The duet of glass and forging will be very authentic and thematic, taking us right to the Middle Ages. In this perspective, the combination of glass and forging looks too chic, and only few public establishments can afford this. However, the owners of the country houses can afford that luxury to enjoy this beauty on their own and invite the guests.
  • Combination of materials. We offer you to consider the combination of several materials. Due to the sandblast gun in combination with dark wood and stainless steel handrail, tempered glass railings represent real elegance and luxury.

Ergonomics of glass railings

If the house has more than three steps, the handrails must be 0.90 m high. Glass handrails are made of special durable glass according to the modern technologies. You can be sure that glass railings will serve you for a long time. They will be strong, reliable and resistant to mechanical damage, scratches, chips, etc.

To protect the glass railings in the places with high passability, you should build and mount the glass panels with the width of 6-9 mm and the length of 0.90-1.5 m.

Characteristics of glass railings

Installation of glass railings is a very long and complicated process. Specialists meticulously explore the safety factors of railings and supporting structures of the staircases.

All-glass layers and made of the durable glass, tempered in a special way. The width of such glass doesn’t exceed 8 mm. This material is made of tempered triplex.

What does GOST indicate?

Mechanism of glass manufacturing is regulated and enshrined in GOST 5533 – 86. According to the GOST, multi-layer glass railings 3 mm wide must have the following sizes: no more than 60 cm long and exactly 37.5 cm high.
If the width of triplex is 7 mm, its dimensions must not exceed 250×160 cm. Glass railings are made of different materials and have the following characteristics: durability in case of small hits, frost-resistance, protection against high noise, explosion, fire, etc.
Please note that the price of glass railings depends on the amount of characteristics they possess. You don’t have to buy the most expensive products. You should proceed from specific features of your territory, house or commercial enterprise and your own preferences.
To find out the glass properties in the store, it is enough to find and read a sticker-marking.

What are glass railings made of?

There are several materials, used in the manufacture of the glass railings:

  • Acryl;
  • Tempered glass;
  • Triplex.

As we have clarified earlier, according to its artistry and external features, the railings are divided into:

  • Transparent;
  • Matt;
  • With drawings;
  • Stained-glass;
  • Tinted/darkened;
  • With LED backlight;
  • With aerography or photo printing.

How to take care of the glass railings?

Glass railings are made of very durable glass according to the special modern technologies. Such glass is protected from different scratches, small hits and other aggressive media. However, in case of strong impact, the glass may not be able to withstand and crack. Every year, the manufacturers of railings improve the characteristics of glass, developing the new methods of glass tempering. However, you should treat the glass railings carefully so that this luxury serves you for many years.

As with any glass surfaces, glass railings require regular and quality care, aesthetics and absence of stains. Therefore, sometimes you will have to wipe the glass with special soft wipes. You can’t wipe the glass railings with aggressive abrasive agents.

If you take care of the glass railings regularly and qualitatively, they will serve you for a very long time, delighting your easy with its light, depth, substantiveness and beauty.

Bent glass railings

Bent glass railings will look interesting and cosmically. Masters achieve the compliance of glass due to bending. Bending is a process of heating the glass to 600 degrees Celsius. On reaching this temperature, the glass becomes flexible and malleable. You can give it any shape and stop the heating. After cooling, you can use it for the installation.

No matter what type of glass you choose, you must be careful with its weak point – end face. In the event of impact in this “Achilles heel”, the whole glass will cover with small cracks and chips.

Aesthetic benefits of the glass railings

Glass railings are a new and very fresh sound of your house. Composite railings are very elegant, exquisite, aesthetic and harmonize with almost any style. Glass railings look very effective not only in the classic houses, but also in “high-tech” style. Even the smallest house becomes deep and spacious, while the glass reflects light, giving amazing shapes and lines to the stairs.

Such a common object as railings will turn into a real work of art due to the multifaceted glass (mosaics, tinted, matt or transparent glass). Due to the lightness of glass staircases, the whole structure becomes elastic. The construction will only benefit from such decorative finishing.

If you are impressed with the glass stairs, ask your questions and leave the comments.