Every house owner tries to make his/her house as comfortable as possible for him/her, its inhabitants and guests. Here we’re helped not only by the beautiful interior and decoration of the rooms, but also a lot of devices, aimed to facilitate the life and make all its goods and aspects available. Among the many domestic appliances and instruments, steps for the staircase can be especially useful. In this case, we mean not the stationary constructions and ladders, but much more improvised, transportable segments. They can be profitably purchased or made by hand. These are the small, portable and quite mobile devices, used by few people. In the meantime, they can be very beneficial in every house, where the pensioners, small children, people with disabilities, pets (cats and dogs) or just people with small height live, and where you have to periodically go down in the cellar or deal with the highly placed shelves.

Universal means that must be always be at hand

You will need the steps at the stage of building or repairing a house.

If the house has a cellar or an attic, you don’t have to build the stationary ladders; it is enough to use the portable models.

Thus, you can quickly and easily install the steps to the cellar or basement, and put them back together on return. This is a really universal tool that allows the person with disabilities to get to the bed or the bathroom. Therefore, it is recommended that everybody has them at home, as it is much more comfortable than to carry the massive extension ladder around the premises. Besides, portable steps can be made by hand, on the ropes, hooks, wheels and with/without handrails. Let’s consider a few options of such structures with photos, their benefits, characteristics and ways of making.

Types of portable steps

For illustration purposes, let’s look at the photos of some types of such production.
In the picture below, you can see the option for pets (dogs) that consists of a few steps and is covered with wool. In the next photo, you can see the option for children. Its structure allows the child to move such steps around the house.

Here you can see the steps for persons with disabilities, equipped with a special handrail.

In this photo, you can see the steps for the descent to the basement or cellar.

In this picture, you can see the steps for pensioners, equipped with special soles to prevent the stairs from sliding on the floor.

Another appropriate option with the handrail for the bathroom can be seen in the last photo.

Manufacture of portable steps – everything genial is simple

If you have enough time, means and patience, you can make any of the structures listed with your own hands.

You will require:

  • a few chipboard sheets,
  • hacksaw or electric jigsaw,
  • ruler,
  • square,
  • level,
  • pencil for marking,
  • a few metal tubes (if desired, you can make the whole structure from wood, which will be much easier and more economical).


And of course, your imagination– it’s all in the hands of the master. The manufacture of such structure won’t take much time. Therefore, you can give full scope to your design skills and create a structure with perfect width, height and overall design for you and your family.

Attachable steps for pets

In the photo, you can see a simple structure of the dog ladder. It is intended for pets – cats and dogs, living in your house. This is a small building with three, four or five steps. The size of this structure is linked to the urgent needs of its users. If you have small dogs that can’t get to some areas of the house (bathroom, bed, basement or balcony), the height of steps must be adapted to the possibilities of the pet. In this, you can cover it with some fabric so that the dogs don’t stain the material with their paws. This particularly applies to especially active animals that like to run around the house.

The dog risks to get severely injured, if there’s no reliable coupling with such structure. You can also use such device to take a large dog to the bathroom for bathing. You can assemble it on your own without any difficulty. For this, you will need 6-8 equal wooden bars and a few sheets of plywood. Planks can be cut out of the same veneer. You can hammer a structure together with small nails and decorate them with fabric, which can be glued or put on the braces of construction stapler. That’s all. Of course, your dog will like this present. The width of veneer must be chosen according to the weight of animal. Anyway, the portable structure for cats and dogs will be very light.

Chic and glitter in the bathroom will complement the elegant steps

If your house has a really luxury bathroom or jacuzzi, you may need the portable steps with a handrail. In the photo below, you can see the standard option of such model that consists of one section. It is very easy to build with your own hands. To that end, you will need only one platform, fixed on the legs and some support acting as a handrail.

This simple device can significantly facilitate your life and protect you during the daily hygienic procedures. After all, it is very easy to slip after visiting the bathroom. If this element matches the interior style (or at least has a snow-white appearance to match the bathroom coating), you can achieve excellent result.

Portable steps for the descent to the basement

This is a very comfortable element, if you have a basement. After all, many people spend a lot of money and efforts to arrange a device for lifting and lowering to the vault of your house. Steps or stairs on wheels will be appropriate in the basement or cellar. Thus, after descending to the cellar, you can easily roll them to some shelf to take the pickles from the top shelf or put them there того.

It is essential that such steps are equipped with a retainer or a special braking system. In this case, the staircase fail you at the most inappropriate moment. You can invent your own methods of fixation and implement it with your own hands.


Portable steps are the indispensable attribute, which you can either buy at the shop or make with your own hands. Try it out, and many of your daily tasks will become much easier. Please, rate this text or share it with your friends, colleagues and relatives, and tell us what steps you find the most interesting.