In cold time, heating of the entrance steps prevents falls and traumas. External stairs leading to the second floor also require such equipment. Inbuilt conductor, whose sizes are defined by design, is used for heating every step. In the photo below you can see the process of its installation during the construction of cottage. External interfloor stairs or other modular constructions have reasonable prices, and their assembly is simple.

How to heat the steps?

Cable, embedded in the porch for heating, is connected to the power line. System has thermostat, disconnecting it as the set temperature is reached. Prefabricated stairs to the second floor in the open have certain size. Such structure is easy to install. These constructions are affordable to most owners of houses and public buildings.

For heating every step, the structure involves laying the power cables. Installation of circuits is made by specialized companies; in the picture, you can see the order of works implementation. Modular staircase, installed for rising to the second floor of country house or summer cottage, rests on the inter-floor slabs. Prefabricated elements are interconnected with the brackets of special form.

Features of electric heating system for external structures

Modular stairs leading to the second floor are fairly common for the cottage. Heating of external steps and carpets will eliminate problems relating to the falls. Feedbacks about these materials demonstrate the efficiency of such systems. During the construction, power cable, whose size and resistance are enough to prevent the frosting of structure, is embedded in the steps. The price of materials and works is quite accessible, and the effect can be noticed right after the installation of equipment.

The porch of the cottage house, heated with the help of conductor, doesn’t get covered with ice. This is also the case with external staircases leading to the second floor. Inter-floor stairs with embedded conductors have higher prices than the common ones, but the expenses are offset by safety and ease of use.

Installation and connection schemes of power circuits

Heating of the staircases, providing the safe rise on the second floor of the cottage, makes it possible to avoid its clearing from snow and ice. Inter-floor stairs remain clean even in heavy snow. Modular staircase, whose steps are equipped with a cable for electric heating, is absolutely safe in snow and rain. Assembly of this structure doesn’t take much time, while the price of works is acceptable. The sizes of all details and nodes are carefully harmonized, which facilitates operations.

Dry and non-slip steps and absolutely necessary in the place where older, sick and disabled people live. It is better to pay once for the installation than risk the health and life of your loved ones.

For heating every step of the staircase leading to the second floor of the house or cottage, they must be equipped with reinforced insulation cables. Before bringing the object into service, experts check the resistance of conductor braids. The size and price of connecting elements is high, which allows using such equipment in everyday life.

Heating of the steps of the cottage porch or staircase leading to the second floor, is realized after the voltage supply. Main advantages of such systems are:

  • This process can be managed by hand or automatically.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Simple installation.
  • Relatively low price.

It is clear that inter-story stairs remain clear and don’t cover with ice and snow, which considerably increases their security. We offer you to give us feedbacks about the experience of using such systems.

Dear readers, share your views on such a useful thing. After all, many of us live in the cold winter, and dry steps on the street are not a luxury but a necessity.