Staircase is not just a functional object that serves as a device for getting to the second floor of apartment or country house. With the right approach, you will make this object a calling card of the house design. Staircase in the interior is an excellent final touch, which can add elegance, refinement and nobility to any style. This is not surprising: the design of ready staircase structure is limited only to the imagination of the house owner, as the variety of performance techniques, materials and finishing options make it possible to realize any idea. Don’t believe me? Look at the pictures below.


Selection of staircase: choose the article to match the style of your interior

If you want your internal staircase to the second floor to become a perfect complement to the design of your country house, you should choose the right design of the product. Based on the structure of the device, one can distinguish two main types of stairs — straight and winding. We should note that all varieties are presented by several subtypes, each of which fits perfectly to the individual styles.

Before ordering the staircase to the second floor, try to consider all stylistic and construction nuances of your country house.

Only in this way, you can turn the staircase into the interior decoration, which will also fulfill very important functions. Thus, you can choose the following types of staircases:

  1. March stairs;
  2. Spiral stairs;
  3. Loft Ladder.

Internal flight stairs to the second floor

Internal flight stairs to the second floor

Internal flight stairs to the second floor

Classic is a perfect choice for a large room, as such object is quite massive and takes up a lot of space. Main advantage of such staircase is that it is very comfortable to use, and its appearance — solemn and impressive.

Luxury white staircase will look good in classic interior, and with the right design — in country and minimalism. Straight staircase in classic design is pictured on the right.

Winding stairs leading to the second floor

Even though this object is less functional, it has its own advantages: it takes up little space and looks good in a small corridor. Such device gives it a unique appearance. Variety of materials for finishing products and a wide assortment of color solutions will help you create excellent products, which will become a perfect complement to any interior design.

Carved winding stairs to the second floor in the corridor of your house will fill it with elegance and airiness and fit perfectly into the modern, empire and baroque interior.

Glass beauties

glass beauty staircase design

glass beauty staircase design

Glass and acrylic staircases are special articles leading to the second floor of your house. The stairwell made of transparent material will fill the corridor with lightness and airiness and significantly expand the space. It is perfect for such styles as hi-tech, techno and bionics. In the picture, you can see the glass product chosen to match the interior.

Decoration of staircase structure depending on its location in the house

After reading the information above you know how to choose the staircase based on stylistic features of your apartment or summerhouse. How to choose the staircase without forgetting to consider its design features? You must plan the location of staircase very carefully. There are two common locations of the staircase to the second floor in the modern apartments and houses— in the corridor or living room. Please note that every location has its own features and nuances. To confirm this, it is enough to look at the picture below.

The choice of staircase for the corridor

staircase corridor design ideas

staircase corridor design ideas

Staircase located in the corridor will have a major impact on the design of the premise interior. Using such product, you can make the corridor lighter and more spacious. For example, if the hall of the cottage is small, you can make it unrecognizable by using the light finishing materials (white, cream or eggshell). Such article will make the interior lighter, and its massiveness won’t be, as you will offset it with the light shades.

If you want that the interior of your hall becomes a single entity, you should use the same decoration for different elements. Floor, doors, window frames and the staircase should be designed in a single color scheme. Provide them with the same decorations (for example, twisted elements or facing in the form of natural stone).

Choose the article for your living room

Spiral staircase to the second floor

Spiral staircase to the second floor

Interior of the living room with the staircase will become a single composition thanks to the staircase, as confirmed by the photo. It is enough to make the product a key element of the room, and choose the rest of elements to match it. Don’t forget to decorate the structure in a single color scheme (as pictured below) with the other objects in the living room. It will be an additional benefit to your idea. It would be good if the forms of the main elements of the living room will be similar. You shouldn’t combine massive products with winding and lacy winding staircase from cast iron.

It would be a good solution to turn the staircase into the border between two premises, designed in different styles. For that, you have to install the article, which will be neutral, but at the same time compatible with the style of separate rooms or areas of the living room.

Keep in mind that staircase highlights the design of any interior. With a right approach (and, of course, our help), you can make this design unforgettable. You can share your thoughts, opinions and interesting design solutions in the comments.