Any private building above one story is mandatorily featured with stairs to the loft or second floor. There are different types of ladders, pick based on personal preferences and peculiarities of the interior attic, attic, basement. There are also harmonious solutions for stairwells.

Stairwells in a private house

modern inspiring spiral staircase designs ideas

Modern, inspiring spiral staircase designs ideas

The staircase in the cottage or country house is a queen, which does not complement the interior, but advocates uniting the whole and its constituent element. Depending on the space of a homeowner and what goals it pursues, it creates the shape of the future staircase. There are generally several varieties for a private household

  • Helical structures.
  • Marching structures.
  • Stairs on the rails.
Stairwells in a private house

Stairwells in a private house

Their main differences are in design, appearance, and appropriateness of use in a particular room.

The aesthetics of a spiral staircase and a luxury stone

You can select a suitable design for any room; however, there are those spans that appeal to everyone.

Spiral staircase

spiral model staircase design ideas

spiral model staircase design ideas

This type of lifting device on the second floor or the attic is used in quite a confined space and distinctive characteristics of interior space. The advantages of the spiral staircase:

  • compactness of the finished product;
  • the originality of the opening;
  • a variety of forms – circular spiral, polygon, square.

Among the shortcomings, you can note a slight inconvenience in use due to the rounded shape and steep ascent or descent. Most often, the spiral model is used in the regeneration of cells to the loft or attic. A particular refinement of the interior gives beautiful spiral stairs that connect between several floors, passing a single web through the building to the loft.
A spiral staircase is strung on a single pole, where the treads of the narrow side are attached. The widest part of the steps is fan-shaped. These types of stairs to the loft or second floor are manufactured from various materials – wood, metal (welded and forged variations), stone, and glass.

A popular solution is a complex combination of several types of raw material for producing not only beautiful but also reliable design.

Wood is the most popular. Rarely glass staircases are built.

Screw modification is supported solutions for lifting equipment on the attic or second floor, the attic, or down in ground and basement. They give the room elegance and modern luxury but are not a model of safety and convenience.


Stone beauty – is perhaps the oldest and most expensive option. Entirely made of stone staircases are seldom used not only because of its original and monumental appearance, but also very complicated fabrication procedure. It fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the castle country house, designed in the spirit of the Middle Ages. In modern homes, it is often used artificial stone instead of a natural one. Natural is usually on the tread.

Marching stairway – classic and comfort


The marching stairwells are the most popular types of staircases not only for private housing but also for the equipment of cells of multi-apartment houses and administrative buildings. They are distinguished by some advantages:

  • high level of security;
  • ascent and descent is carried out in the best possible conditions;
  • they give the room a refinement and solidity.

The only drawback of this design is that its construction requires a lot of space, which is not always possible to implement in a small house.
Design features:

  1. stair fabric consists of marches by 5-15 degrees;
  2. marches are connected with rest areas when lifting;
  3. can be located along the wall and in the center of the room.
loft railing designs indoor ideas

loft railing designs indoor ideas

Straight staircases are used on stairways to reach the second floor or attic. They are the main and the primary type of movement between levels.

If such marches are in the same style as the whole house is, they perfectly fit into the surroundings and luxury of modernism, and peaceful country, and daring minimalism.

Varieties of marching stairways

There is some classification of flights of stairs depending on different characteristics:


MaterialAdvantagesDisadvantagesOther features
AluminumLight weight with sufficient reliability, no corrosion, practical, ideal for household useRelatively high price
DuraluminQuite durable material and reasonable priceLower resistance than aluminum and steel.An alloy of aluminum
SteelHigh strength, reliability, suitable for professional laddersSusceptibility to corrosion, steel structures have a more significant weight than aluminum onesBolt connections or welding are used for attaching the treads to the supports of metal structures
WoodEasier to handle than metal, maintainability, you can make a ladder with your handsThe great weight of the finished product, exposure to the environmentDuring the manufacture of ladders you should pay attention to the absence of knots in the wood, you need lacquer coating for protection from external influences



Marching designs can be made in the form of a direct passage and rotary products. The presence of revs makes use of space more efficient, giving a room a finished and restrained. Rotary stairs are used not only in suburban housing but the arrangement of stairwells in high-rise buildings.

stair railing design indoor ideas

stair railing design indoor ideas

Bolts and stairs – modern stairs

A separate category is a ladder mounted with special bolts. Rails for the stairs are metal pins with mounts to the wall.

modern stairs railing design indoor

modern stairs railing design indoor

Features of such passage:

  • since it is mounted to the wall, make sure there is fortified or reinforced support panel structure, which will be attached to the stage;
  • the rise is solely along the wall;
  • completely devoid of risers.

This solution is light and the visual lightness of the finished product. It does not weigh down space, does not occupy much space and looks great in a private home and an office building thanks to the harmonious and sleek design. Perfectly suitable for the connection of the levels of ascent to the loft, the attic or second floor.
It is made from any material – wood, glass, metal and plastic. Metal rails with rubber pads for better fixation of all elements are used for the connection. Structures can be either classic straight or turning when installing in the corner.

Due to its simplicity and sophistication these stairs are gaining popularity, displacing massive and uncomfortable screw propulsion solution.

Equipping a flight of stairs, remember that the optimal combination of convenience, compactness, and security can only be achieved with a proper and professional approach. Call of the master, if you are sure that you will be able to make the lift comfortable and safe!