The need in the input staircase rises sharply in the presence of high foundation. It is not uncommon in the construction of a country cottage, because it is difficult to find a perfectly flat piece of land outside the city. Let us consider all the selection criteria of entry stairs for the house and cottage.

Stairs for high foundations of country houses

Choose the material for the stairs

Коттедж с высоким крыльцомThe choice of the stairs to the entrance to the house is much harder than choosing the domestic one. It needs to possess several qualities to maintain its reliability. The main criteria are:

  • strength;
  • resistance to adverse environmental conditions;
  • durability.

The most popular materials for building are stone, concrete, brick, and wood. In some cases, using a tree, however, is the unreliable material stairs to entrance.


The pros and cons of wooden stairs to the entrance

Wooden staircase to the verandaThe main drawback of wood is its susceptibility to swelling, rotting, and love insects. A clear advantage is efficiency and noble appearance. If you decide on this option, choose the densest types of wood – oak, bamboo, larch. Set the input of the staircase of wood with a high basement in the house on piles.

The pros and cons of metal entrance stairs

At the mentMetal staircase at the entrance to the cottageion of cold metal, you think of dark, echoing stairs. But look at the photo of wrought iron products. They are fascinating. The main advantage of such stairs in front of her relatives is the possibility of realization of any imagination. The disadvantage includes the hollowness, that does not get rid of and the high price of labor.
This is the most durable option. The stones are not afraid of the frost and heavy rains. Due to them, you create very noble marble stairs of granite and even ordinary bricks. Perhaps the only drawback of stone stairs to enter is the price of high-quality material.

At least a good option would be a combination of materials. Those people who have all their life dreamed of a beautiful porch will choose a combination of stone steps with a delicate wrought-iron railing. Many variations can be found in the photo.


The basic requirements for entrance stairs

Drawing for the high porchEntrance to the cottage is its calling card, the first thing that draws attention to the photo and with a simple glance. Therefore, you need to match the entrance stairs based on the building project, in full accordance with the overall design. The installation after construction will allow you to exactly know the height of the foundation.
Entrance stairs should be convenient for movement and safe, regardless of weather conditions. You should ensure safety by correctly picking stage. They must not be slippery and be of right size and shape. The optimal width of the tread is 34 cm and height 15 – 20 cm. Tilting the stage by a few degrees, you will get rid of the wet surface after rain.

When calculating steps, remember that you need to add 1 cm, which is the layer of the solution.

Be sure to consider the needs of all residents. The stage should provide comfortable movement, and not turn into an obstacle course. Elderly and children won’t be comfortable with high, narrow steps. Also, get a mechanism that will allow smooth movement of the stroller.


The durability of the entrance stairs

The higher the foundation of the house is, the harder the stairs in front of it will be. Accordingly, the foundation design should be reliable. For concrete stairs, you should make a depth of 0.7 – 1.3 m. This will ensure the integrity of the ladder.
A concrete staircase is being built on a frame that is made from rebar. Don’t make it too wide. It is better if the frame is hidden under the concrete a few inches.
Pour the stairs step by step, and at a time that will make her whole and better. You can place facing stone, slabs, etc. on the top of the concrete. But you can immediately pour the beautiful staircase to the entrance of the cottage. This must be added to the solution of special filler in the form of ground ceramics, limestone, etc.
When the fill is finished, you need to give the grout time to harden. Further is work carried out not earlier than two days. Otherwise, the ladder will crack, and its integrity will be compromised.


Variations in appearance of an external ladder for the cottage

The high foundation is not a problem. Due to it, the owner gets a chance to turn his country house in an intimate place. Stairs can be round, square, straight, and flared towards the bottom. Railings are made of wood where you can build flashlights or metal in the form of a vine of grapes. These are details that make the cottage individual.
Making a wide porch, you can create a place, where you put the wicker furniture and enjoy the starry sky with the closest people. After all, another place in the cottage where you can become closer is never extra, isn’t it, dear readers?