Lightweight and compact aluminium stepladder is convenient to use both in the usual city apartment and in the garden. A variety of manufacturers and models allows you to choose a reliable ladder at an affordable price


Manufacturers of stair equipment

The market of stair equipment is submitted by various vendors with a large dispersion of prices. Well-known European brands and domestic brands (the ladder from “Alyumet”, “Eifel” and “Kroft”) widen lines of their products, trying to accommodate all the needs of consumers.
Products of German companies Krause and Zarges are very popular. Quality, application of new materials and technologies (giving relief surface stage, complicated telescoping mechanisms) make ladders from those brands essential for performing complex finishing and restoration work. The price for the products for professional use is appropriate.
While looking for specialized products, you can pay attention to the production equipment of no less well-known European brands. Aluminum double sided stepladders and telescopic professional equipment are produced by such companies as: Elkop (Slovakia), Portuleiter (Portugal), VIRA (UK) and many others. On average the price range varies from 2 to 14 thousand for the original two-way design.
The usual two – and three-piece models of standard equipment are more expensive analogues from the near abroad.

6 foot aluminum ladder

Domestic producers of folding constructions

The ladders from”Alyumet”, “Eifel” and Kroft in no way lag behind their European competitors. Products from Russian producers are adapted to operation in different conditions, the boundary between domestic, semi-professional and professional equipment is largely washed out because of the extra options, the number of sections and steps, working height.



Russian brand “Eifel” produces many types of equipment in a wide range of prices. Side folding, swivel 1-2 and three-piece designs with different number of stages complement a specialized line of goods. The company “Eifel” is engaged in manufacturing two-sided ladders for roofs, as well as telescopic and multifunction models.
The brand “Eifel” is well-known liberal pricing policy even among domestic manufacturers. The ladders of series-Eifel Comfort and Eifel-Classic are especially popular as well as fiberglass and telescopic models.



Universal ladders from “Alyumet” with equal success are used in everyday life, in communication and industrial fields. The company is specialized in the manufacture of aluminium products, applying new materials and development to improve the quality of products. Telescopic, hinged and sliding options are presented in different designs.



The hallmark of the company Kroft is the tools and equipment a broad spectrum. Steel and aluminum three-section ladders from Kroft Company are suitable not only for domestic but also for professional repair and finishing works. Products include single and double sided models with 1-3 numbers of sections and step between the stages of 20-30 cm. Kroft is characterized by a diversity of job functions, characteristics and affordable prices.

aluminum ladder company

What is the most practical material?

Duralumin and other aluminum alloys greatly facilitate the design. Alloying components (inclusions of other substances in the composition) improve the basic connection properties and give the strength to the equipment. It is is very important for some types of construction (telescopic).

An additional advantage of such ladder – portability and light weight, even with relatively wide steps; they can easily fit in the trunk of a car. If we choose among the two – and three-section aluminum ladders, then the most popular manufacturers are Kroft and the Eifel.
Combo models are designed for special work. Combo options usually have metal posts and wooden or plastic stages. Dielectric properties of wood and polymers allow using equipment with electrical work.

The combined models can cost much more than the standard ones, but due to the extended functionality and accessibility the high price is fully justified.

aluminum ladders at home depot

aluminum ladders at home depot

Additional features of aluminum construction

You can make the ladder really comfortable and functional by your own. The price of parts (pads, latches, steps) gives you the opportunity to create an original design of any configuration for any taste and budget.
Some components allow you to use equipment with maximum benefit and comfort:

  • Additional suspended platform and step on the hooks can act as a stand for tools or supports for feet; not only suitable for telescopic models.
  • Rollers – ideal for double-sided ladders in a city apartment because it protects the flooring from scratches.
  • Pointed tips are required to work on the plot, so the design is not sinking in soft ground (sand, clay).
  • Swinging elements (equipped with rubber tips) provide additional structural stability, as they have a predetermined tilt angle; especially relevant for two – and three-piece designs.
  • Rubber pads on the stage and fittings is particularly relevant for sustainable two-way models, but useless for telescopic.

The price of a standard ladder is low (Kroft, Alyumet, Eiffel), but the various options will result in additional costs. Self-equipping ladders with your own hands and increasing the number of stairs, you avoid significant financial costs make the equipment as easy as possible.
When choosing garden and household equipment you will be puzzled by the variety of models, manufacturers and prices. Your advice will help other users not to get confused during the purchase and not regret about the made choice.